[이태원 핼러윈 참사]Han Deok-soo “Whoever is held accountable according to the results of the investigation”

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo (right) presides over the ‘Itaewon Major Accident Headquarters Meeting’ at the Central Disaster Countermeasures and Security Headquarters situation room in the government complex in Seoul on the 10th. Prime Minister Han Deok-soo said on the 10th, “Based on the results of the investigation, I will strictly hold the responsible person responsible […]

The box arrived with the deceased’s belongings and ashes

People in the West are taking every possible way to eliminate Halloween celebrations. Brooke Wozniak, a woman from Maryland, USA, ordered a coffin online for Halloween decorations. But the box arrived at Brooke’s house containing the ashes of a deceased person. Brooke found the box she wanted from the marketplace on Facebook. Brooke was delighted […]

Halloween | Kendou is laughing to himself, Beaver is so beautiful, and Haima is still a big production! This year’s cross-dressing war is a must see! ! | beaver | Halloween | actress wear_Sina

Reprinted from: Poster Fashion Original title: Halloween | Ken Bean is laughing at himself, Beaver is so beautiful, and Hai Ma is still a big production! This year’s cross-dressing war is a must see! ! Every Halloween, many stars go out to play dress-up, and this year is no exception. Everyone untangles the seals and […]

US ‘gun shooting’ on Halloween day … 20 killed

◀ anchor ▶ In the United States, on Halloween day, a chronic shooting occurred, killing more than 20 people. In particular, one person was killed when someone opened fire in a party hall where teenagers were crowded. Correspondent Wang Jong-myung from Washington. ◀ Report ▶ An uninvited guest came to the house where the Halloween […]