The Child-Pugh Classification: Assessing Liver Function in Cirrhosis

Child-Pugh Classification: A Comprehensive Tool for Assessing Liver Function With the advancement of medicine, the assessment of liver function has become essential in diagnosing and managing liver diseases. One such assessment method is the Child-Pugh classification, which was introduced by Pugh in 1973. Originally, the liver function assessment was based on the Child-Turcotte classification. However, […]

The Rise of “Super Gonorrhea”: A Deadly and Drug-Resistant Strain Spreading Globally

Increase in Cases of Highly Resistant “Super Gonorrhea” Across the Globe By [Journalist Name] Gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, has become a growing concern as a highly resistant strain referred to as “super gonorrhea” continues to spread. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this drug-resistant strain poses a serious threat, […]

Lianxin International Hospital: Advancing Cancer Treatment for Faster Recovery

Lianxin International Hospital: Advancing Cancer Treatment with Precision Medicine By Lu Xiaochan, Taoyuan Lianxin International Hospital is at the forefront of providing precise medical treatment to aid in the swift recovery of cancer patients. With a commitment to improving patient outcomes, the hospital offers a range of advanced therapies and personalized care. Wang Minghua, a […]

China Sends Nearly 3,600 Medical Personnel Abroad, Serving Millions of Patients

China Sends 3,600 Medical Personnel Abroad to Support Global Healthcare CHANGSHA, July 5 (Xinhua) — In a recent operations meeting held in Changsha, China’s Central Province of Hunan, it was disclosed that the country has dispatched an impressive number of nearly 3,600 medical personnel to various countries through international medical support teams from 2018 to […]

Taking the opportunity to reach out and get hold of IU, Molly was slammed for “Shenyin Apologized for 2 days”: I really did something wrong | Entertainment | QUANTITY

Taiwanese fashion internet celebrity Molly attended Gucci’s big show in South Korea on the 16th. She was found following international actress IU (Li Zhien), and then took the opportunity to reach out and grab in it. (Photo/Flipping Youtube) Taiwanese fashion celebrity Molly attended Gucci’s big show in South Korea on the 16th. She was found […]

Attention to ‘birds’ in foot and mouth disease! The expert warned

Saying that foot-and-mouth disease is a viral disease and viruses spread through saliva, Akgün Ergül, President of the Kayseri Chamber of Veterinarians, said:Currently, there is a quarantine for the foot and mouth virus in 81 provinces. Of course, this period can be period in the form of such an epidemic. In previous years, there was […]