[World Now] Hijab-naked Iranian players… “I respect you” cheer baptism

The ‘World Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship’ was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on the 26th local time. There are chess players who get international attention. First, Sara Kadem from Iran, who competes without a hijab. Born in 1997, he is ranked 804th among active players and 10th in Iran. Reuters reported that Sarah Cadem competed […]

Iran executes second anti-government protesters… Exit from UN Women

A street scene in Tehran, Iran [사진=AFP 연합뉴스] The international community’s criticism of the Iranian government is intensifying as the number of victims continues to rise as anti-government protests in Iran continue for three months. The protests were sparked in September when Mahsa Amini, 22, a student, died mysteriously after being arrested by the morality […]

Iranian government executes more protesters… ‘List of 24 people revealed’

First execution on the 8th of the protesters who shouted ‘Women, Life, and Freedom’… international community condemnation A protester holds a placard depicting Masha Amini, who died after being detained by police for wearing a hijab during a protest in Rome, Italy, on the 10th (local time). Rome EPA Yonhap News As the Iranian government […]

Victory for the protests; Who is the moral police that Iran withdrew?

Reports say the government has decided to disband Iran’s morality police. Protests have been taking place in the country for more than two months following the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman who was arrested for breaking the country’s dress code. ISNA news agency quoted Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montesseri as saying that the […]

“I’ll score goals for the injured people”

◀ Anchor ▶ Meanwhile, political comments or actions by players at sporting events such as the World Cup have been taboo. But this time the atmosphere is a little different. After a while, Iran’s players against England expressed their support for the anti-government protests that are happening in their country. This is reporter Shin Jeong-yeon. […]

[World Now] “Iran fires guns at subway station”

* “Iranian police open fire at subway station” Reports have emerged that Iranian police have opened fire on civilians at a subway station in Tehran. The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, presented a video circulating on social media, explaining that the police had opened fire on a crowded platform. The video shows startled passengers running […]

Don’t compare hijab with a nun’s headdress – Nun’s reply to Jalil

KT posted on Facebook under the title Hijab, nun’s dress and courts. A nun is on site with an answer to Jalil MLA. Jalil’s comments came in the context of the Supreme Court’s dissenting judgment on the Hijab ban issue in Karnataka. This is followed by the response of Head Nurse Sonia Therese DSJ. ‘Teachers […]