Jayaram imitating Sanju Samson’s voice; The audience applauded; Sound

The friendship between Jayaram and cricketer Sanju Samson is well known to the fans. The pictures of Sanju with his wife Charu at Jayaram’s house in Chennai were also very viral. An audio imitating the voice of Jairam Sanju, who is also a mime actor, is now viral on social media. Jayaram himself shared the […]

No borrowing; Reserve Bank employees should no longer watch movies: Alphonse Putran

Director Alphonse Putran said that Reserve Bank employees have no right to watch the film. Alphonse Putra says bank loans are not allowed for film production and Prime Minister Narendra Modi should look into this serious issue which is killing cinema. The director’s response came via social media. ‚ÄúSince RBI will not give a bank […]

Kavya Madhavan could not stop crying after seeing Innocent; Video

Kavya Madhavan paid tribute to favorite Malayali actor Innocent. Kavya’s face also showed the loss of the person she was closest to in her life. Dileep was consoling Kavya Madhavan who burst into tears. Dileep is one of the colleagues who was with Innocent in his last moments. Dileep was at the forefront of everything […]

What was the story Innocent was trying to tell?: Manju Warrier

Innocentan was a laughing bird who used to fly over the phone every now and then. The news lasts for hours. Sometimes he would fill his stomach with laughter. At other times, he took the Manichitra dinner for some to lock a part of his mind and fulfill secret stories. At times he reminded me […]

‘My biggest concern is how Sister Alice and her children will take this.’

Actor Saikumar said when he heard the news of Innocent’s death, he lost himself. Saikumar’s first role as Mathai in ‘Ramji Rao Speaking’ was one of Innocent’s most famous roles ever. Saykumar said that he was a guide all his life who stood in front of the camera without knowing anything, and he realizes that […]

Fever, Covid finally burn Brahmapura: Murali Gopi in protest

Actor Murali Gopi mentioned that it is impossible to live when ‘Brahma Puradahanam’ is between covid and fever. Murali Gopi also mentions that life has become difficult for him as he has asthma. Murali Gopi made his stand on social media by posting a picture of himself walking around wearing a mask. Many people are […]

Depression, obesity, sarcasm; This is Best Actor at the Oscars

When my generation hears the name ‘Brendan Fraser’, the first thing that comes to mind is the character ‘George of the Jungle’ who can be described as the poor man’s ‘Tarzan’. If Tarzan is superhuman, George is a ‘world loser’. Each of George’s high speed feats while hanging from a jungle vine ends with him […]

Nayanthara and Vicky hold twins at the airport; Video

The video of Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan arriving at the airport with twin gold bangles is going viral on social media. Nayans and Vicky arrived at Mumbai airport along with Uiri and Ulak. Nayantara, holding the baby, passed by hiding her face from the cameras. Nayanthara was in Mumbai for the shoot of Shahrukh Khan […]

‘Lakshmi Rai Item Dance, Puli’; Kaiti Hindi Remake Trailer

Hindi remake trailer of Lokesh Kanagaraj-Karthi Kaiti film is here. Ajay Devgan starrer and director of the film is called Bhola. The film will hit the screens on March 30, 2023. Bhola is the fourth film directed by Ajay Devgan. Ajay comes with Bhola after completely demolishing the movie Kaiti. Brahmanda’s action scenes will be […]