Double Betrayal: Wife and Neighbor Lover Murder Policeman in Visakhapatnam

05 Aug 2023, 05:24 PM IST Close neighbors Rama Rao and Shivajyoti had a long-lasting relationship. However, when Ramesh Kumar discovered their secret affair, he forbade his wife from continuing it. Ramesh Kumar and his wife Sivajyoti were found murdered. Screenshot Courtesy: TV World Visakhapatnam: The death of a policeman in Andhra Pradesh has […]

Woman Pretends to be Paralyzed for 16 Years – Shocking Revelation Unveils Truth

Paralyzed Woman Miraculously Walks Again After 16 Years: A Tale of Love and Deception In a heartwarming turn of events, Mrs. Wang (alias), who had been paralyzed for 16 years, has shocked her family and community by miraculously regaining the ability to walk. This extraordinary story unfolded when her grandson, unable to believe his eyes, […]