Family love turns into love… Zhengmei married her uncle aged 12 and “had 3 children in 8 years” The family is very supportive | International | QUANTITY

What’s happening? There is a woman in Zhejiang, China, sharing her happy life after marriage. What is unexpected is that her husband, who is 12 years older than her, is her “uncle”, which has attracted attention and discussion from the outside world. According to the “Star Video” report, the woman’s husband was adopted by his […]

The image of Luo Meilan’s new drama partner Zhao Zhenxiong of Ms Leopard is deeply rooted in the people’s hearts.Repaying her husband’s debts is affectionate and righteous_Role_Acting_Works

Original title: Luo Meilan’s new drama partner Zhao Zhenxiong’s image of Ms. Leopard is deeply rooted in the people’s hearts. She is affectionate and righteous to pay her husband’s debts. Recently, according to Korean media reports, actor Luo Milan will star in JTBC’s new drama “Bad Mom”. In this work, Luo Milan will partner with […]

Ayumi “I met my husband who looked like Gosu”… Joining ‘The One Bed, Imon 2’

Ayumi, a broadcaster from the group Suga, will reveal her husband for the first time. On the 7th, SBS ‘Songsang Imong 2-You Are My Destiny’ (hereinafter ‘Dongsang Imong 2’), the couple who got married on the 30th of last month, announced that they are joining the couple and focused their attention. Ayumi’s husband’s face has […]

Impaled by her husband and buried alive; The young woman miraculously escaped

Washington: In America, a young woman was buried alive after being stabbed by her husband. The incident took place in Washington. Yong Sook An, aged 42, was buried alive in a forest after being brutally stabbed by her husband. Later, the woman miraculously escaped by changing the soil in the pond. The young woman was […]