PC sipyu room recommendation? 13th generation Intel Core i5/i7 processors

Around the time when Corona-19 was on the rise, PC rooms appeared in Pobl Baedal. It is a statement that we will deliver the food sold in the PC room. It’s a survival strategy in itself when the space where PC players should gather in groups of three and five is limited by distance. Instead […]

Intel updates to address I225-V & I226-V LAN controller disconnection issues

Some disconnection issues related to the Intel I225-V / I226-V LAN controller have been reported, and Intel has recently updated the corresponding driver. ▲ Photo = Intel The latest update is known to turn off the Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) mode. In relation to this, MSI is expected to be released to products with the […]

Introducing the ‘Intel Raptor Lake-T’ series targeting the small PC market

Although Intel has officially announced the K series and Non-K series, which do not support overclocking, in relation to its latest processor, Raptor Lake, it recently officially launched the ‘T’ series, a low power model . Intel’s desktop T series features slightly lower clocks with a lower TDP compared to general desktop CPUs, K and […]

PCDirect launches ‘NUC13 Extreme Kit Raptor Canyon’ with 13th generation Intel processor: Dana and DPG are my heart

PCDirect (CEO Seo Dae-sik), Intel’s authorized distributor in Korea, announced that it will release the Intel NUC13 Extreme Kit (NUC13RNGi9, NUC13RNGi7) with the latest 13th generation Intel processor. The newly released Intel NUC13 Extreme Kit (NUC13RNGi9, NUC13RNGi7) is a high-end product for high-end gaming and content creation and streaming. In addition, the processor has an […]