Daiichi Sankyo Settles Patent Infringement Lawsuit with Novartis in $182 Million Agreement

Settlement Agreement Reached in Patent Infringement Lawsuit On December 6, Daiichi Sankyo announced that it had entered into an agreement on the 5th to fully settle a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Daiichi Sankyo’s US subsidiary regarding Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis’ BRAF inhibitor. Provided photo taken in Tokyo in July 2009 (Reuters, 2023) In a […]

Ukrainian President Cancels Direct Appeal to US Lawmakers Amid Aid Controversy

Ukrainian President Zelenskiy Cancels Plan to Appeal for Additional US Aid On December 5, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy made the decision to cancel his plans to directly appeal to US lawmakers for additional aid. This comes as the US Congress grapples with a conflict over immigration policy, leaving the fate of support for Ukraine uncertain1. […]

US Stock Markets Mixed as Large-Cap Stocks Rise and Essential Goods Sell Off

US Stock Markets Experience Mixed Results The US stock markets closed with mixed results as large-cap stocks like Apple experienced a rise, in response to employment-related indicators released by the US Labor Department. Meanwhile, stocks related to essential goods saw a decline. The S&P 500 (.SPX) also witnessed a downward trend in most sectors, reflecting […]

US President Biden Condemns Hamas for Sexual Assaults and Mutilation

US President Biden Condemns Sexual Assault and Mutilation by Hamas Militants BOSTON, 5th – US President Biden spoke at a political fundraiser in Boston, where he condemned the actions of militants from the Islamic group Hamas, stating that they had repeatedly sexually assaulted and mutilated a woman during a surprise attack on Israel on October […]

The Urgent Need for US Aid to Ukraine: A Warning from the Secretary of State

Ukrainian Official Warns of “Huge Risk” of Losing War with Russia if US Aid is Delayed WASHINGTON – On June 5th, Ukrainian President’s Secretary of State Yermak expressed grave concern over the potential consequences of delayed US aid to Ukraine, warning of a “huge risk” of losing the ongoing war against Russia. Speaking at a […]

US Job Openings Drop in October as Interest Rates Rise – Implications for the Labor Market

U.S. Job Market Showing Signs of Weakening A “now hiring” sign is on display outside Taylor Party and Equipment Rentals in Somerville, Massachusetts, indicating a potential increase in job opportunities despite recent data showing a decline in the number of job openings in the United States. REUTERS/Brian Snyder Recent Data Reveals Decrease in Job Openings […]

Israel’s Controversial Plan to Use Seawater to Flood Gaza Tunnels

The Wall Street Journal Reports on Israeli Seawater Pumping System in Gaza By [Author Name] / Published [Date] The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on the 4th, citing a US official, that Israel has assembled a system of large pumps that can pump seawater into underground tunnels in the Palestinian autonomous region of Gaza. This […]

US Stocks Close to Entering Bull Market

US Stocks on the Cusp of Entering Bull Market December 4th marked a significant turning point for US stocks as the S&P 500 closed in on a bull market, with the index hitting a new year high on the 1st. The closing price of the S&P 500 is now 4.2% away from the all-time high […]

Fed’s Likely Interest Rate Cut Causes Cautiousness in US Stock Market

US Stock Market Closes, Fed Interest Rate Cut Expectations Grow In a sign of caution ahead of this week’s employment statistics and amid growing expectations of a Federal Reserve interest rate cut, the US stock market closed, with the S&P 500 (.SPX) falling as rising US Treasury yields weighed on sales of mega-cap stocks such […]