Gold Price Update: Market Closes Down 200 Baht Despite Foreign Gold Movement

Gold Prices Adjusted 7 Times with Pressure on Domestic Market Today’s gold price was adjusted 7 times, resulting in a market closure at the same level as the morning, down 200 baht due to the strengthening baht. While foreign gold saw a slight increase, the domestic market continues to face pressure from the strong dollar. […]

Survey – This is what concerns Germans the most

Climate crisis, daycare center collapse, war against Ukraine and in the Middle East: many issues currently require decisive action. One topic is particularly pressing for Germans. There is a crisis in Germany in terms of domestic and foreign policy: there is a shortage of skilled workers in daycare centers, schools, craft businesses and the health […]

Gold Prices Volatile for 2nd Day, Drops 250 Baht and Foreign Markets Plunge

Market Volatility Impacts Gold Prices The gold market experienced significant volatility for the second consecutive day, with prices adjusting 10 times and closing the market down a total of 250 baht. Foreign gold prices remained steady, with support expected at $2,009 per ounce. The baht remained stable amidst the fluctuations. Gold Prices and Foreign Markets […]

Gold Price Forecast: Direction Next Week and Investment Strategy Analysis

Gold Price Rises to 51.40 USD per Ounce, Analysts Predict Upward Swing Warut Rungkham, Director of Analysis at YLG Bullion and Futures Company Limited, revealed in an interview with Nation Online that the price of gold in November saw an increase to 51.40 US dollars per ounce. According to Rungkham, the trend in gold prices […]

GH Bank Extends 70th Anniversary Promotion with Stepped Interest Rate of up to 7.70%

Government Housing Bank Extends 70th Anniversary Promotion to Promote Savings for Thai People GH Bank’s Mission: Making Thai People Homeowners and Encouraging Savings The Government Housing Bank (GH Bank), a leading financial institution under the government’s purview, has extended its 70th-anniversary promotion until December 30, 2023. The promotion aims to provide an excellent opportunity for […]

Budget crisis 2024: Many opinions, no time

In the struggle over budget planning for 2024, the coalition partners are irreconcilable. The fronts seem hardened – but time is running out. What could a solution look like? With Christian Lindner it seems as if everything is fine. It is shortly after 9 a.m. this Friday, Lindner is speaking in the Bundestag and says […]

Gold Prices Hold Steady as Baht Depreciates Further and US PCE Inflation Report Looms

Gold Prices and Market Updates November 30, 2023 The Association of Gold Traders has reported that the price of gold in the country today experienced multiple adjustments throughout the day, ultimately closing the market with a total increase of 300 baht. Foreign gold prices remained stable, while the baht continued to depreciate from the morning. […]

Concerns Over Rising Household Debt and Dollar Fluctuations: A Financial Update

The Baht Strengthens to 34.68 Baht per Dollar The baht opened at 34.68 baht / dollar this morning, showing strength compared to yesterday’s closing price of 34.95 baht / dollar. Analysts have evaluated today’s range at 34.55 – 34.85 baht / dollar. Rising Household Debt Raises Concerns The growing home debt, particularly due to bad […]

Can the Chancellor keep this promise?

The federal government is deep in crisis – and with it the entire country. The Chancellor tried to find safe words on Tuesday, but his plans remained vague. An analysis. The most important things at a glance It takes just under a quarter of an hour for Olaf Scholz to say his favorite sentence in […]

No way out: Scholz’s reassuring speech on the budget

The Chancellor admits there is a budget problem. He doesn’t present a solution – but he does announce the end of energy price caps. The opposition leader shouts at him: “You can’t do it.” The traffic light coalition has everything under control even in the budget crisis, that is the message that Chancellor Olaf Scholz […]