21 dead in Russian missile attack | Russia-Ukraine War

Kyiv – 21 people were killed in a Russian missile attack on a residential area in Odesa, Ukraine. A part of the 14-storey apartment block that was hit by the missile collapsed. Nearby buildings were also damaged in the attack at around 1 am yesterday. 41 injured people are undergoing treatment. The Russian military said […]

The ruling coalition collapsed; Israel’s Parliament Dissolved | Israel

Jerusalem ∙ Israel’s strange ruling coalition has collapsed. A motion to dissolve the 120-member parliament (Knesset) was unanimously passed, paving the way for the fifth general election in four years. Naftali Bennett handed over the Prime Minister’s post to Foreign Minister Yair Lapid as per the coalition agreement. After the elections, Lapid Kaval will remain […]

EA Games’ position on the gaming industry battlefield How will it be?

in the end EA Games Will it be bought or not ? but EA Games It has made an acquisition in its own right and may be looking for more deals. In particular, a deal that could support the mobile gaming department. EA Games Two such acquisitions will be made in 2021, the first being […]

Russian missile kills 2 in shopping mall Russia | Ukraine | Ukraine crisis

Russian missile strike at a shopping mall in Kremenchuk, Kyiv, Ukraine. Ukraine said 2 people were killed and 20 were injured. More than a thousand people were inside the mall when the missile landed. Russia’s military advance in eastern Ukraine continues. Russia also captured Liszhansk, the last city in the Luhansk region. They launched an […]

Blindfolded, Raybane era sculptor in glasses | Leonardo Del Vecchio

Milan (Italy) മാറിയ Leonardo del Vecchio (87), who overcame his childhood poverty and became the owner of world-class spectacle brands including Raybane and Oakley, has said goodbye. The owner of the brand, who wore spectacles beyond fashion as fashion statements, has said goodbye. Del Vecchio’s progress after spending his childhood in an orphanage coincides with […]

NASA launches first rocket from Australia in 27 years

Australia’s ABC television reported that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has fired a rocket from the Arnhem Space Center in the region. Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) The rocket launch by NASA was the first rocket launch in 27 years since 1995. It was also the first commercial launch of a rocket from a […]

G7 Summit begins in the shadow of war

Russia’s missile strikes Kiev, Ukraine, just hours before the start of the G7 summit. The mayor of Kyiv described Russia’s missile strike on Kyiv three weeks later as a symbolic attack. U.S. President Joe Biden called the attack a “Russian quagmire” and announced sanctions on Russian gold. All G7 member states will ban the import […]

Fuel shortage: Sri Lanka to hand over pumps to foreign companies

Colombo: Sri Lanka is looking for new ways to tackle severe fuel shortages. Energy Minister Kanchana Vijayasekara has said that the country is planning to hand over the operation of petrol pumps to foreign fuel companies. Efforts are being made to bring at least four foreign companies into the country to improve fuel supply. Apart […]