US Commerce Secretary Lemond Warns China: Patience of US Businesses Wearing Thin

US Commerce Secretary Calls for Predictable Environment and Fair Play in US-China Relations By Reuters Staff WASHINGTON – In a recent interview broadcast on September 3, US Commerce Secretary Lemond expressed concerns over the deteriorating patience of American businesses operating in China. He emphasized the need for a predictable environment and a level playing field, […]

Chinese Premier Li Qiang acknowledges challenges in US-China bilateral relations and trade cooperation

Chinese Premier Li Qiang Expresses Concerns About US-China Bilateral Relations and Economic Cooperation Beijing, January 21, 2023 During a meeting on Monday with senior officials from the United States-China Business Council (USCBC) delegation, Chinese Premier Li Qiang raised concerns about the current state of bilateral relations and economic and trade cooperation between the United States […]

US Treasury Department Imposes Sanctions on Four Russians Linked to Navalny Poisoning Attempt

US Treasury Department Imposes Sanctions on Four Russians Linked to Navalny Poisoning Attempt By [Author’s Name], [Newspaper Name] The US Treasury Department made an official announcement on Thursday regarding its decision to impose sanctions on four Russian individuals who are directly associated with Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). These sanctions have been implemented due to […]

EU Faces Dilemma as Import Ban on Ukrainian Grain Stirs Tensions with Eastern Member States

Russia’s Withdrawal from Grain Export Agreement Disrupts Ukrainian Trade Routes The withdrawal of Russia from a year-old agreement to export Ukrainian grain through Black Sea ports in July has significantly disrupted Ukraine’s trade routes. Since then, Ukraine has been forced to rely solely on alternative routes through the European Union (EU). The EU is now […]

Ukrainian President Zelensky Urges EU to Lift “Un-European” Restrictions on Grain Imports

Ukrainian President Urges EU to Terminate Restrictive Measures on Grain Imports KYIV, September 24 (Reuters) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called upon the European Union (EU) to put an end to “unacceptable and evidently un-European” restrictions on Ukrainian grain imports from five neighboring member states by the fast-approaching September 15 deadline. Back in May, […]

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Accuses Ukraine of Launching ‘Terrorist Attack’ Through Black Sea Grain Export Corridor

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Using Black Sea Grain Export Corridor for “Terrorist Attacks” Moscow, 21st January (Reuters) – Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Bershinin, made stunning allegations on Monday, accusing Ukraine of exploiting the Black Sea grain export corridor to carry out “terrorist attacks” against Russia’s national interests. Bershinin clarified Russia’s decision to suspend the Black […]

UN Security Council to Discuss Humanitarian Consequences of Russia’s Suspension of Ukrainian Grain Exports

UN Security Council to Address Humanitarian Consequences of Russia’s Suspension of Ukraine Grain Exports By [Author Name] The United Nations Security Council has scheduled a meeting on Thursday to discuss the dire “humanitarian consequences” arising from Russia’s decision to halt an agreement allowing Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea. This development was disclosed by […]

Diplomatic Conflict Arises Over China’s Proposed Embassy near Tower of London

Rewrite text LONDON (Reuters) – China’s plans to build a new embassy next to the Tower of London have turned into a diplomatic issue, but it all started with a local dispute. The municipalities of this area within the city of London, the second largest power in the world, turned against them and blocked the […]

Russia considers withdrawing from Putin’s “cheated” Black Sea grain deal | Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that he is considering withdrawing from the Black Sea Initiative. May 2022 (2023 REUTERS/Dado Ruvic) [モスクワ 13日 ロイター] – Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on the 13th that he is considering withdrawing from the Black Sea Grain Export Agreement (Black Sea Initiative). In a teleconference, he said that […]