Pulsed Field Ablation: A Breakthrough Treatment Option for Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation (AF) patients often face the unsettling question of how to manage their condition. With over 70,000 AF patients in Hong Kong, and AF being a known cause of stroke and heart failure, it is crucial to seek suitable treatment to avoid worsening. Traditional pulmonary vein ablation, also known as the pulmonary vein blockage […]

HK Express Faces Backlash for Cancelling Nagasaki Route, Passengers Demand Answers

HK Express Cancels Nagasaki Route: Passengers Express Discontent After the recent resumption of travel between Hong Kong and Japan, Hong Kong citizens have been eagerly exploring popular destinations in the country. However, HK Express has recently faced severe criticism for extending the suspension of its Nagasaki route, leaving many passengers who had already secured tickets […]

Octopus Voucher Promotion|Octopus Free 100,000 Electronic Cash Coupons!designated store as cash

【Octopus Voucher Promotion】Octopus is launching a usage voucher discount! The government will distribute consumer coupons on Sunday. Recently, Octopus announced that it will cooperate with MTR stores to distribute 100,000 electronic cash coupons. Citizens can use them as cash at designated MTR stores. Everyone can enjoy additional discounts as well as receive coupons. out the […]