Mabinogi, growth support + collaboration event to rise in rank for 2 weeks in a row

Inven [순위분석]This was newly renewed. You can check the game rankings and market share of various platforms, such as PC room indicators, mobile game indicators, and inventory ranking indicators. Inventory popularity polls will remain as they are, and vote rankings will be used as inventory ranking indicators. We plan to reorganize the ranking analysis to […]

The background of the birth of ‘Gran Turismo’ will be revealed at Sedec

▲ Polyphony Digital Producer Kazunori Yamauchi A lecture that fans of the ‘Gran Turismo’ series, a racing simulator game featuring realistic racing, cannot miss, will be unveiled at the upcoming CEDEC 2022 event on August 23rd. Keynote lecture information of ‘CEDEC 2022 (hereinafter referred to as SEDEC)’, the largest conference event for computer entertainment developers […]

Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard, Season 4 Mid-Season Content Update

Source – Blizzard Entertainment The fourth season of Call of Duty®: Warzone™ and Call of Duty: Vanguard (Vanguard), ‘Mercenaries of Fortune’ is cruising In the middle, the mid-season content that fans have been waiting for was applied today on July 28th. As armies of machines arrive in Warzone to test players’ courage, various elements are […]

Rocat Unveils Kone XP Air Wireless RGB Mouse with Mouse Charging Dock

▲ ‘Rocat Kone XP AIR Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse’ with dedicated mouse charging dock Turtle Beach’s PC gaming peripheral brand ROCCAT (hereafter referred to as “Rocat”) introduced the wireless version of the Kone XP gaming mouse, ‘Rocat Kone XP AIR Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse (hereafter referred to as Kone XP AIR)’, released in the first […]

At that time, the ‘game room’ itself

The class of fun is still there, but still trapped in the arcade It doesn’t fall off now, but Capcom was really great at one time. The days when you had to squat down in front of a stationery by somehow finding a 100-won coin to play a game was the heyday of Capcom, which […]

Apex Legends Reveals New Legend ‘Vintage’

Data provided – EA EA and Respawn unveiled a new Legend Vintage with ‘Apex Legends: Haunted’, a major update to Apex Legends, which will be released on August 9th, Pacific Time, today (26th). Vintage is a marksman fighter who hard-learned everything. Born to a wrongly convicted criminal on the barren ice planet of Pagos, Vintage […]

‘Yomawari: Drifting Night 3’ to be released on October 27th

Data provided by Sega Publishing Korea Sega Publishing Korea (CEO Saito Go) announced that it will release “Yomawari: Drifting Night 3” exclusively for Nintendo Switch and PS4 in Asia on October 27, 2022 (Thursday), developed by Nipponichi Software. This title is the latest in the “Yomawari series” that has evolved by adding new elements while […]

A friend of a friend told me that if I read this review, I would die.

What many imagined is sympathetic and exaggerated to become an urban ghost story. The existence of a monster or ghost that will die unconditionally if caught. Or the psychological pain that engulfs the unknown space whether it is reality or a dream. As graphics or directing techniques become more sophisticated, the fear in games that […]

Mobile sci-fi style Monhun? ‘Jaeger: Hunter Legend’

Jaeger, a subsidiary of IGG, unveiled a new trailer for ‘Jaeger: Hunter Legend’, a 3D hunting ARPG that is being developed by the company through the TapTap presentation today (23rd). The user is an elite hunter of the Vidran race who deals with various monsters, and searches for ruins hidden in a dangerous area while […]

The sick war simulator is coming to mobile

‘Totaly Accumulate Battle Simulator’, which drew attention from users as a sickness war simulator, will also be released on mobile. Landfall unveiled the mobile version of Totally Accumulate Battle Simulator for the first time today (23rd) at the tap tap game presentation. Totally Accumulator Battle Simulator was officially released for PC and Xbox on April […]