Bluetooth Security Flaw: What iPhone Users Need to Know

Security Flaw in Bluetooth Discovered Since 2014 Bluetooth, a popular form of wireless communication, is known for its security features. However, a recent report by Bleeping Computer has revealed that security flaws have been present in Bluetooth technology since 2014. The research organization Eurecom has identified a security flaw in Bluetooth technology known as BLUFFS […]

The Persistent iPhone Alarm Glitch: What You Need to Know

iPhone Alarm Function Glitches Reported Reports of malfunctions with the iPhone continue to surface, including problems with the device’s alarm function. According to IT media Phone Arena on the 28th (local time), iPhone user Angel Sophia shared a video on TikTok demonstrating the iPhone’s alarm going off daily at 9:25, highlighting the device’s faulty behavior. […]

Unlocking iPhone Secrets: Tips and Tricks from an Ex-Apple Employee

(Photo / newspaper photo) Despite the iPhone’s longevity, it still holds many undiscovered secrets and tips. Former Apple employee Tyler Morgan shares these lesser-known iPhone tricks through short TikTok videos. “CTWANT” has compiled these tips for iPhone users to easily learn about these convenient technologies. Quick Start for Video Recording When the camera is turned […]

Analyzing Stock Dimension COM7: Q4 Budget Outlook and Investment Recommendations

Stock Dimension – COM7 Analysts have revealed that the stock price of COM7, also known as Com7 PCL, has fallen to an attractive level for investment. Despite lower than expected profits in Q3/66, it is anticipated that the trend will improve in the Q4/66 budget. On the trading investment radar Dao Securities (Thailand) expects the […]

iPhone Customization: How to Display a Heart Symbol on Your Home Screen

Would you like to add a cute touch to your iPhone’s home screen? Even for those who have outgrown stuffed animals and character merchandise, the search for cuteness continues. Finding your own version of cuteness in the familiar places you see every day can be a soothing addition to your everyday life. We are highlighting […]


Capcom’s Black Friday Sale Now on Steam Store Updated at 16:55 on November 24, 2023 Capcom has expanded its ongoing “CAPCOM BLACK FRIDAY SALE” to include a lineup on the Steam Store, running until 2:59 on November 29, 2023. Among the highlights is the inclusion of the new generation fighting game, “Street Fighter 6,” which […]

Rumors and Speculation Surrounding Apple’s Next-Generation iPhone SE 4

Apple’s Next-Generation Budget Phone Rumors By Hwang Jin-young, Cnet Korea Reporter US-based Cnet recently reported on the emergence of various rumors regarding the design of Apple’s next-generation budget iPhone, known as the ‘iPhone SE 4’, as well as speculation about its potential release. According to CNET, Apple’s plans for releasing a new iPhone SE model […]

Get Ready for the iPhone 16: What to Expect from Apple’s Latest Smartphone

Apple to unveil highly anticipated iPhone 16 Apple is gearing up to launch its much-awaited smartphone model, the iPhone 16, in September next year. With various speculations and rumors circulating in the tech world, many industry forecasters are weighing in on the potential features and camera specifications of the upcoming device. Anticipated features Improved camera […]

First Look: iPhone 16 Pro Prototype Battery Shows Capacity & Material Upgrades

Early iPhone 16 Pro Battery Prototype Revealed Renowned leaker Kosutami has shared images of the prototype battery of the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro. The battery reportedly has a capacity of 3355mAh, which represents a modest 2.5% increase from the iPhone 15 Pro model’s 3274mAh. However, the prototype shows significant changes in the design, featuring a […]