iPhone14 Pro model is expected to be significantly upgraded!Always display function of lock screen, camera improvement, etc. | Kamiap | Delivering Apple news and IT information

It is rumored that Apple will release four models of the iPhone 14 series in September 2022 this year. Well-known journalists have been talking about a major upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 14 Pro model has undergone a major upgrade such as a lock screen constant display function and camera improvements. Bloomberg’s […]

Chrome103 iOS version adds enhanced safe browsing function to protect users from malicious websites | Kamiap | Delivering Apple news and IT information

Google released version 103 of Chrome this week, adding new features to the iOS version for iPhone and iPad to enhance security and improve convenience. Added extended safe browsing function etc. to Chrome103 iOS version The enhanced safe browsing feature added to the iOS version of Chrome 103 enhances user protection against phishing, malware, and […]