Jamaat’s call to stand by all concerned in the fire

Amir Mujibur Rahman, in-charge of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, has called upon the wealthy and capable people of the society, including the government, political organizations, donor organizations, to stand by the people in the terrible fire in the Mohammadpur agricultural market of the capital. The chief guest made this call in the speech of the chief guest […]

Two coaching teachers were sending answers on mobile phones, fined lakhs of rupees

A student was giving an exam with a mobile phone in Srinagar, Munshiganj. And from outside, two coaching teachers were solving the questions on mobile phones. In this incident, the two coaching teachers were fined one lakh taka by the mobile court. The incident took place at Srinagar Pilot High School and College Center in […]

Certificate of electors filed in Sesip Public Notice on 19 September

The Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) has directed the submission of certificates to the primary selected teacher registration candidates this year in the Secondary Education Sector Investment Program (CESIP) public notification. Candidates have to appear in person at the NTRCA office on September 19 at 10 am and submit the certificate. This information […]

Surah Quraysh: 4 teachings and instructions

Surah Quraysh is the 106th Surah of the Qur’an. Surah revealed in Makkah, verse number 4, Ruku 1. In this surah, Allah reminded the Quraysh of His blessings and ordered them to worship and thank Allah. The surah begins by mentioning the winter and summer journeys of Quraysh. Winter and summer trade tours were the […]

Level of corruption is higher than before: Planning Minister

Planning Minister MA Mannan has admitted that the level of corruption has increased in many cases in the country. He said this while replying to the statement of the members of parliament of the opposition party during the discussion on the passage of the Bangladesh Public Procurement Authority Bill-2023 in the National Parliament on Sunday […]

CNG drivers will take stand at BRTA office on Sunday

Last in 2015, the government fixed the fare of CNG autorickshaws per kilometer. After that, the fuel gas price of CNG autorickshaws has increased gradually. Besides, the price of daily necessities has increased. Even the owners of CNG autorickshaws take deposit money at a much higher rate than the rate fixed by the government. Due […]

Jessore board will also give questions of SSC test exam, exam on October 1

The SSC test will start on October 1 in the schools under the Jessore Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. The exam will continue till October 16. The Jessore Board will also provide test questions to the schools. It has also warned of strict action if the examination is conducted in any school outside […]

The kidnappers left the child two days after the abduction

Two days after being abducted from Chandgaon in Chittagong, the abductors left Abdullah, a three-and-a-half-year-old child, in Nasirabad area. On Wednesday (September 6) around 1:30 PM, the police recovered from the road in the area adjacent to Panchlaish police station Nasirabad number two gate police box. Earlier on Monday (September 4) around 10:30 am, the […]

BNP’s ‘no’ in the election continues

Last September 1 was the founding anniversary of BNP, one of the main political parties of the country. Dressed in army uniform, Ziaur Rahman formed the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) on 1 September 1978 from the post of President. As such, the age of BNP is 45 years. In the case of humans, hundred years […]