Scholz falls in new survey

According to a new survey, Germans are dissatisfied with the government – and particularly blame the Chancellor for this. According to a survey, Germans’ approval of Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is declining. Scholz falls from 13th place to 17th place, as shown in the latest INSA politician ranking for the “Bild” newspaper (as of November […]

Oskar Lafontaine denies guilt for himself and Wagenknecht

Oskar Lafontaine accuses the left of being incapable of winning elections. He and his wife Sahra Wagenknecht are not to blame for the current situation on the left – Dietmar Bartsch sees it differently. Oskar Lafontaine sees no responsibility for himself or his wife Sahra Wagenknecht for the split in the Left Party. When asked […]

Bartsch sharply attacks Wagenknecht’s group again

The founding of Wagenknecht’s rival party is also in focus at the Left party conference. The Left leadership wants a restart of the party after “paralyzing conflicts”. Parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch opened the second day of the federal party conference of the Left with violent attacks against Sahra Wagenknecht and her colleagues. Bartsch once […]

After heated Middle East debate: Left continues party conference

Europe is actually the focus of the three-day meeting of the Left in Augsburg. But first the delegates had to clarify a very sensitive point. The Left wants to begin nominating its candidates for the European elections in June at its federal party conference in Augsburg today. Party leader Martin Schirdewan and the non-party activist […]

The Left: Change of design after party crisis

The Left party is now also changing visually. It is the first such renewal since the party was founded. The Left has a new party logo. The party wants to signal a new start after the break with Sahra Wagenknecht. The new lettering will be officially presented on Friday at the start of the federal […]

The Left meets at the federal party conference

For years there was an endless loop of internal strife on the left. Now the party leadership has at least gotten rid of its opponent Sahra Wagenknecht – and wants to focus on “nice things”. More profile, less controversy: After breaking with the party wing around Sahra Wagenknecht, the Left is looking for a way […]

Left-wing faction in the Bundestag dissolves after Wagenknecht’s departure – date

After Sahra Wagenknecht’s group left, the left-wing faction in the Bundestag decided to disband. A date has now been set. The left-wing faction in the Bundestag decided to dissolve on December 6th. This was announced by parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch after the decision on Tuesday in Berlin. An application should then be submitted as […]

Rebuild the economy, refugees are not a problem

More money for the climate and municipalities, less debt brake, addressing distribution problems. The Left wants to reposition itself after the break with Sahra Wagenknecht. After the political break with Sahra Wagenknecht, the Left wants to gain a new profile in economic and climate policy. A strategy paper envisages climate money of 200 euros per […]

Criticism and approval: Scholz’s commitment to deportations

Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s (SPD) clear commitment to more deportations has met with approval, but also sharp criticism. “Instead of joining in with the chorus of the right, the Chancellor should ensure that there are more affordable apartments, significantly more money for the municipalities and that the work bans are finally abolished,” wrote the left-wing chairwoman […]

politician | The “Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance” is coming

The time has come: the “Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance” is coming. The left-wing politician’s office confirmed on Thursday that, after months of preparation, a club with this name will be officially presented on Monday. This is seen as a concrete step towards founding a separate Wagenknecht party, which could combine left-wing social policy with strict asylum […]