As soon as Zhang Songwen sang, the whole KTV had to run |

Original title: As soon as Zhang Songwen sang, the whole KTV had to run | Hello, this is Vista View World【Bold open wheat】Column No.265 interactive subject. I know you have a lot to say, and you’ve been holding back for a long time. But here, if you are not afraid of the unreasonable line of […]

Busy traveling assistant “Hello instead of someone else” Jay Chou complained: Behaving like an executive of someone else’s company | Entertainment | QUANTITY

Jay Chou’s “Carnival” world tour concert was successfully completed at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium in Malaysia a few days ago. A few days after the end, he posted a screenshot of the Spring Breeze 911 video, complaining about his assistant “making him look like the “director” of someone else’s company.” Jay Chou wrote in […]

Lang Lang went to Jay Chou’s 660 million yuan mansion as a guest and played many songs for Xiao Zhou to listen to “in the front row of the rock zone” | Entertainment | QUANTITY

Mainland pianist Lang Lang, who has long enjoyed a good reputation in the music and entertainment circles, came to Taiwan again last Wednesday (November 30) to hold a concert at the Taipei National Concert Hall. After the performance, he and Jay Chou met at the mansion “Peace Park” which cost NT$660 million. He even played […]