San Francisco Federal Reserve President Speaks on Potential End to Interest Rate Hikes

San Francisco Federal Reserve President: “Too Early to Determine End of Interest Rate Hikes” November 2021 Photograph by Reuters/Ann Saphir San Francisco Federal Reserve President Daley stated in an interview with a German newspaper that it is “too early to know” whether the Federal Reserve will end its interest rate hikes. Daley emphasized the need […]

Atlanta Federal Reserve President Predicts Slowdown in US Economic Growth and Inflation Due to Tightening Monetary Policy

US Economic Growth Rate Predicted to Slow by Atlanta Federal Reserve President Bostic by [Journalist Name], [Newspaper Name] (Image: March 2019, Reuters/Leah Millis) Atlanta Federal Reserve President John Bostic expressed concerns on the 29th about the potential slowing of the US economic growth rate and the continued decrease in inflation, attributing it to the tightening […]

Federal Reserve Bank President Expresses Doubts about Inflation Falling to 2%

Federal Reserve Bank President Doubts Inflation Rate Will Reach 2% By [Author Name], Published [Date] In a recent interview with CNBC, Federal Reserve Bank President Richmond Barkin expressed doubts about the commonly held belief that the inflation rate is gradually falling towards the target of 2%. This skepticism has led to considerations of raising interest […]

Could the Fed Lower Interest Rates in Response to Falling Inflation?

Fed May Lower Interest Rates if Inflation Continues to Fall, Says Director Waller Photograph taken in July 2013 (2023 Reuters/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo) On the 28th, Federal Reserve Board Director Waller suggested that the central bank could lower interest rates in the coming months if inflation continues to fall. Waller referenced the standard Taylor rule, stating […]

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida Calls for Wage Rises Through Tax Cut

Prime Minister Kishida Urges Companies to Raise Wages Budget Committee Address In a recent address to the Budget Committee of the House of Councilors, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida emphasized the importance of implementing a fixed tax cut as a signal to companies to prioritize wage increases. The Prime Minister’s remarks come amid efforts to stimulate […]

Agreement with JBIC to get 11 million gas meters

The Department of Energy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) for cooperation in obtaining 11 lakh 35 thousand gas meters. The MoU signed for three years was signed by the Joint Secretary of the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources. Lailatun Ferdous and Japan Bank for […]

Burundi Eco Gitega: bad times for street traders

In urban centers, low-income households make a living from small jobs including street trading. This economic activity, until now prohibited on Burundian territory, generates significant income. The authorities discourage this practice arguing that it is to protect the formal sector. Despite the measures taken to combat activity, these budding investors brave the danger and courageously […]

Increasing use of technology in government agencies will reduce suffering

The Secretary of Information and Communication Technology Department has expressed the opinion that if the use of technology in the government agencies increases, the suffering of the people will be reduced. Samsul Arefin. He said this at a seminar on information technology for smart SMEs organized by Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) on […]

Burundi Eco Record inflation

Benjamin Kuriyo, Publication Director Since 2022, the inflation rate has broken records. There is no sign that inflation will be brought under control before the end of this year. Our economy is bearing the brunt of the consequences of the global economic crisis aggravated by internal factors, in this case the deterioration of macroeconomic indicators. […]