Taliban rule in Afghanistan | Ex-locals: Prisoners in their own country

In the summer of 2021, the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. A life of constant fear began for former local foreign military personnel. It was a single photo that was to get the troubled-eyed man into mighty trouble. It was March 2022, and the Taliban had been in power in Afghanistan for more than six […]

Explosion on the deck of the Italian aircraft carrier “Kabul”!Full Cooperation of the Navy CM Motorcycle Finally Landed in Japan “V100 Mandello” | Equestrian News

Too stylish… A CM video that is too cool becomes a hot topic Piaggio Group Japan has announced that it will ship the new Moto Guzzi models “V100 Mandello S” and “V100 Mandello”, the first motorcycles on the market to adopt adaptive aerodynamics, from June 2023. A larger imageV100 Mandello (Image: Piaggio Group). Adaptive aerodynamics […]

“Sometimes I miss life in jihad”

The Taliban have been in power in Afghanistan for almost a year and a half. Former fighters are now bored with their desk jobs. After the Taliban took power in August 2021, many ex-fighters are struggling to adjust to life in the Afghan capital, Kabul. This is the result of a study by the Afghanistan […]

Pakistan wants to ask Taliban for support

An attack in Peshawar, Pakistan, killed 84 people on Monday. The government is now looking for help abroad. After a devastating suicide attack on a mosque inside the police headquarters in Peshawar, Pakistan, the government wants to ask a senior Taliban official in Afghanistan for support against further attacks. Islamabad wants to ask the Taliban […]

Explosion in mosque was act of revenge by Taliban commander

The explosion at a Pakistani mosque that killed dozens sparked national outrage. Now the person responsible came forward. According to official figures, the death toll after the devastating suicide attack in Pakistan has risen to 100. The authorities declared a day of mourning in the affected province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, said the head of the […]

Republicans want to investigate Afghanistan withdrawal

The withdrawal of American troops from Kabul becomes the subject of an investigation. Republicans in Congress are requesting documents from the State Department. Republicans in the US Congress have launched an investigation into the chaotic withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan. The new chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives, […]

suicide bomb Kabul “education center” kills at least 19

A suicide bomb explodes in an education center in Afghanistan. while students were taking the exam At least 19 people were reported dead, but no group has claimed the attack. Today (30 September 2022) foreign news agencies reported that a suicide bombing occurred at an education center in Kabul. Afghanistan At least 19 people were […]

Bahrain has condemned the explosion at the Russian embassy in Kabul

Bahrain has condemned the terrorist assault on the headquarters of the Russian embassy in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. In the incident, two embassy officers had been killed and various other folks had been wounded. Condolences to the Russian governing administration for those killed and a fast restoration to individuals hurt. A statement issued by […]

[World Now] A yr from Afghanistan… Tears and smiles of a specific contributor

Supply: Yonhap News In August final calendar year, Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, was engulfed in chaos. Afghans flocked to the space close to Kabul Airport to escape alongside with the withdrawal of US troops. The ‘Afghan Specific Contributors’ who collaborated with our governing administration and their families also had to escape from the threat of daily […]