Choranapoil People’s Committee Takes a Stand Against Kudivella Peekari Construction Organization

Chaparpadav: Public Opposition Grows Against Kudivella Peekari Construction Project Choranapoil witnessed the emergence of the Choranapoil People’s Committee, a collective voice opposing the construction organization, Kudivella Peekari. The committee, led by prominent figures from the region, gathered to address the pressing concern of water scarcity in the Tapengad Baleshugiri area. In a recent meeting chaired […]

Tragic Fatality During Bull Run: A Life Lost

Tragic Death in Bull Run Mishap Byline: [Author Name], Staff Writer Published: Wednesday, 27 September 2023, 1:30 AM IST Disclaimer: The views expressed below are solely the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of We kindly request that defamatory language targeting any religion, organizations, or individuals be avoided at […]

Punnayurkulam’s Family Health Centers Struggle with Non-Functional Solar Panels: Losses and Lack of Support from KSEB

Poor Functioning of Solar Panels Causes Losses to Health Centers in Punnayurkulam Three Family Health Centers Affected by Non-functioning Solar Panels near the Panchayat In a setback for the Punnayurkulam community, the solar panels installed in three family health centers before summer have failed to start functioning. The non-functioning panels have resulted in an annual […]

Pathanamthitta Faces Slowdown in Water Distribution Projects Under Jaljeevan Mission Scheme

Pathanamthitta: Kudi Gets Approval for Water Distribution Scheme under Jaljeevan Mission Scheme In a bid to address concerns about the inaccuracies in the contract amount, Kudi has been granted permission by the Jaljeevan Mission Scheme Contractors to carry out the construction of water distribution schemes in Pathanamthitta. However, the construction work has experienced a noticeable […]

Tragic Accident Claims Life of Student During Playtime

Student Dies After Tragic Fall While Engaged in Play Thalasery, September 15, 2023, 1:06 AM IST A devastating incident unfolded last Saturday night in the peaceful town of Thalasery, claiming the life of a young student. Muhammed Shesin Siraja, a bright seventh-grade pupil at Bright English School in Chetamkunn, Thalassery, tragically passed away after a […]

Cycling for Environmental Protection: Pantalam Village Embraces Gandhian Principles and Pedal Sponsorship

Pantalam: Kulanada Village Embraces Renewal with an Environmental Protection Message In a bid to promote environmental consciousness and sustainable living, the cycling event in Pantalam village was recently sponsored by Pedal, the renowned University cycling club. Despite not being directly organized by Gandhiji’s footprints in Cherikkal Gandhismriti Mandapam Theater Operator Priyaraj Bharatan and Subhash Natrang, […]

Sachin International Academy Tendu: Kohli’s 49th Century Puts Him Close to Sachin’s Record

International Cricket Record Update Sachin International Academy’s Tendu in Na Cricket Lokeren’s 49th Century During the ongoing Australia-India tour, Sachin International Academy’s Tendu showcased an extraordinary performance, marking his 49th century. However, this remarkable feat is solely for the eyes of Tendu’s cricket idol, T. Kohli. One cannot find this achievement in any official record […]