Explain the reason for running 80 km. until “kidney failure”, causing a lot of “dehydration”. Remind to listen to the sound of the body Don’t force. Make up for water every 30-60 minutes.

Doctors explain the cause of “kidney failure” after running 80 km of trails caused by severe dehydration. prevent blood supply to the kidneys Repeat during exercise, drink plenty of water every 30 or 60 minutes, or if your throat starts to dry, remind yourself not to force it, listen to your body if you’ n […]

Six habits that damage the kidneys

First published November 5, 2022, 1:34 PM IST Kidneys are organs that purify the blood and remove toxins and waste from the body. Disorders in the functioning of the kidneys can cause many complications in the body. Regular use of pain relievers can help reduce headaches. But studies show that eating too much of them […]

WHO issued a warning!! Found syrup for children Eat and then die of kidney failure.

WHO issued a warning!! Found syrup for children Eat and then die of kidney failure..November 2, 2022 Facebook Drama-addicted to information shared from the WHO page issued a warning. Four brands of syrup for children were found to be contaminated with harmful substances that could lead to the death of children taking the tablets, all […]

WHO: Indian cough syrup kills 66 Gambian children with kidney failure

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that “cough syrup” made in India could cause children In The Gambia, 66 people have died of kidney disease. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director of the World Health Organization told the media late on Wednesday that the World Health Organization and Indian authorities are investigating the New Delhi-based drug […]

Golden Horse actor Chen Songyong died of kidney failure, his second brother beats the table and roars in the mourning hall to fight for inheritance | Entertainment | CTWANT

Golden Horse movie emperor Chen Songyong died of kidney failure on the 17th of this month. He lived at the age of 80. The farewell ceremony was held today (28th). After the public sacrifice, Chen Songyong’s second brother, Chen Wengqin, suddenly appeared and took the initiative to hold the media. He angrily said that Chen […]