Incheon Heungkuk Life Insurance wins women’s professional volleyball home opener

Incheon Women’s Professional Volleyball Team Heungkuk Life Insurance won the home opener. Heungkuk Life Insurance defeated Pepper Gwangju Savings Bank with a set score of 3-0 (25-16 25-16 25-16) in the 2022-2023 Women’s Dodram League V home match held at the Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium on the 25th. Heungkuk Life started with outside heaters Kim […]

192cm Kim Yeon-kyung shows off her model aura in an unmatched physique TEN

Kim Yeon-kyung / Photo = Kim Yeon-kyung’s Instagram Kim Yeon-kyung, a volleyball player, told the news. Kim Yeon-kyung posted a photo on her Instagram account on the 1st. In the published photo, Kim Yeon-kyung is in the middle of a photo shoot. Meanwhile, Kim Yeon-kyung announced her return to the V-League. Correspondent Jun-ho Yoon, Tenasia […]

Heungkuk Life expects Kim Yeon-kyung’s comeback effect from ‘Score + Success’

2022062116045444843_1655795095_0017199832_20220621164102200 0 Kim Yeon-kyung. /Korea Volleyball Federation ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung (34, Heungkuk Life Insurance) returned to the domestic stage after a long time. Kim Yeon-kyung’s return to the V-League is an evaluation that is a positive factor to shake off the bad news of the current women’s volleyball team, which is struggling in international […]

Kim Yeon-kyung leaves for Los Angeles for physical training

Offer | Lion at [스포츠서울 | 정다워기자] Kim Yeon-kyung left for Los Angeles, USA for personal training. According to Kim Yeon-kyung’s agency, [email protected], Kim Yeon-kyung left for the United States via Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 4th. Ryan At said, “During the U.S. field training period, Kim Yeon-kyung plans to conduct skill […]

Volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung, ‘unexpected connections’… From hand heart to wine date

Volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung, ‘unexpected connections’… From hand heart to wine date Edited 2022.03.31 10:01Enter 2022.03.31 09:52 Actress Ko Seong-hee showed off her close relationship with Kim Yeon-kyung. / Photo = Ko Seong-hee Instagram capture [아시아경제 온라인이슈팀] The recent status of volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung has been revealed. On the afternoon of the 30th, actress […]

‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung, International Volleyball Federation’s Best Female Player of the Year 2021

‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung was selected as the most outstanding female volleyball player in the global village. Volleyball, which delivers volleyball-related news, selected Kim Yeon-kyung as the female volleyball player who showed the most outstanding performance last year. This media, affiliated with the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), ranked 12 men and women from around […]