Explosion in Ankara – PKK probably claims responsibility for bomb attack

Attackers had explosives on their bodies PKK probably claims responsibility for bomb attack in Ankara Updated on October 1st, 2023 – 5:33 p.m. Reading time: 3 min. State of emergency in Ankara: Footage shows the incident on Sunday morning. (Source: t-online) There was a bomb attack near the Turkish parliament. One person apparently blew himself […]

So many stateless people live in Germany

There are millions of stateless people worldwide. Their number in Germany has increased in recent years. According to the media service Integration, around 124,500 people are currently living in Germany without citizenship. Of these, around 29,500 are “recognized stateless”, around 95,000 have “unclear citizenship”, as the media service announced on Friday. The number of stateless […]

German apparently killed in Turkish attack

A German is said to have been killed in a Turkish drone strike in Iraq. He is said to have joined the Kurdish Workers’ Party PKK. According to a media report, the Turkish army killed a German citizen in an attack on suspected terrorists. This was reported by the Turkish state news agency Anadolu, citing […]