Lee Min-jung presents a 1 million won department store gift certificate to a stylist…

[스포츠서울 이게은기자] Actor Lee Min-jung showed great feelings. On the 10th, Lee Min-jung’s hair designer, Jenny House Soo-hyun, posted on her Instagram, “Thank you for being blessed by Min Jung-a’s sister. I feel like I’m already blessed. I feel like a good start. It’s a coronavirus situation. I’m impressed. I’ll be proud of this. I […]

I had no postpartum depression before Lee Min-jung… Direct clarification

/Photo = Lee Min-jung Instagram Lee Min-jung corrected the title of’Postpartum Depression’. Actress Lee Min-jung said on his Instagram on the 21st, “I didn’t have any special postpartum depression,” and “I just explained the postpartum depression that anyone can feel after giving birth.” He added, “Please look forward to the broadcast of next week.” A […]