LG Electronics (Thailand) Introduces Its Largest Front-Loading Washing Machine with Smart Features

LG Introduces the Ultimate Washing Machine – Model F2725SVRB Unmatched Performance and Innovation LG Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is revolutionizing the laundry experience with their latest release – the F2725SVRB. This state-of-the-art front-loading washing machine boasts an impressive capacity of up to 24 kilograms, making it the largest in LG’s lineup. With cutting-edge technology and […]

Display Stocks Show Strong Potential for Rebound in Second Half of 2023

Today’s Money Reporter, Kim Chang-hyun | 2023.09.04 17:14 Point of the Day Recently, the KOSPI index has shown repeated fluctuations around the 2500 line, seemingly stuck in a box. However, individual stocks in the market are displaying a different trend. On this particular day, undervalued display stocks are showing strength, following the rise of secondary […]

LG Electronics Introduces Smart Cottages for the Ultimate Home Solutions

LG Electronics Revolutionizes Home Appliances with Smart Solutions Berlin, Germany – LG Electronics is on a mission to transform the home appliances industry. The company is transitioning from being a mere product seller to becoming a comprehensive provider of home solutions. The driving force behind this transformation is the integration of smart technology into all […]

Review: Exploring the ‘LG Standby Me Go’ – Strengths and Areas for Improvement

‘LG Standby Me Go’: The Perfect Outdoor Companion for Summer Holidays In the scorching heat of August, I embarked on a summer adventure with the highly sought-after ‘LG Standby Me Go’. This cutting-edge device, inheriting the fame of its predecessor, the mobile monitor ‘LG StandbyMe’, is specifically optimized for outdoor activities like camping and travel. […]

LG Electronics Provides Flood Recovery Services in Chungcheong District

LG Electronics Launches Recovery Efforts in Flood-Affected Chungcheong District In response to the devastating heavy rain in Chungcheong district, LG Electronics has stepped up its efforts to provide relief and assistance. On the 16th, LG Electronics established flood damage service centers in Osong-eup, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, and at the Administrative Welfare Center in Bujeong-myeon, Goesan-gun, […]

Samsung and LG Electronics Launch Special Services for Flood Damage Restoration in Affected Areas

Samsung and LG Electronics Extend Support for Flood-Damaged Areas In a commendable display of corporate social responsibility, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have stepped up to assist in the recovery efforts for areas affected by recent flooding. With the establishment of “special flood recovery services,” Samsung Electronics Service and LG Electronics have taken proactive measures […]

Samsung and LG Introduce Super Large 98-inch and 97-inch TVs

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are competing in the market for super large 90-inch TVs. Recently, both companies released impressive models – Samsung unveiled the 98-inch ‘Neo QLED 8K’ while LG introduced the 97-inch ‘LG Signature OLED M’. These televisions come with cutting-edge features that set them apart. Samsung’s ‘Neo QLED 8K’ offers an unparalleled […]

Launch of ‘XR Convergence Industry Alliance’ with Samsung and LG

(Photo = shutterstock) The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Minister Lee Chang-yang) announced on the 16th that the ‘XR Convergence Industry Alliance’ was launched at the Seoul XR Exhibition Center to strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic XR industry and take advantage of the market in the future. XR is a collective term for […]