World Hepatitis Day | What are the bottlenecks in the prevention and treatment of liver cancer? Can expectant mothers with hepatitis B give birth to healthy babies?Experts answer your

Caption: July 28 is World Hepatitis Day Source / Oriental IC Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Gao Yang) Today is the 12th “World Hepatitis Day”. July 28 is the birthday of Nobel laureate Baruch Bloomberg, who discovered the hepatitis B virus and developed a viral diagnostic test and vaccine. To commemorate the epidemiologist, WHO decided in […]

Betrayal of sweet sugary drinks… Increases liver cancer risk

Drinking one or more sugary drinks per day can increase your risk of liver cancer by up to 78%, a new study found. Menopausal women who drank more than one cup of sugar-sweetened beverages a day had a 78 percent higher risk of liver cancer than menopausal women who drank less than three cups a […]

‘Dementia prevention’ Peanuts can cause cancer if eaten incorrectly

/Photo = News 1 (Seoul = News 1) Reporter Youngmi Kwon = The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently found that salmonella bacteria were detected in peanut butter from some manufacturers as a result of an epidemiological investigation into food poisoning patients in their country, and the products were recalled. Sandwiches with peanut butter […]

Send stars back to the sky! A collection of the most shocking news in the year 64 “Aunt Khom – December Sagittarius” Covid-19 deprives the lives of entertainers

It is another year of sorrow for the Thai entertainment industry. when faced with the loss of quality personnel throughout the year including senior stars, comedians, stars, music teachers, and many other stars, causing the fans to panic and cry over the departure of some important figures in the industry. which this scoop would like […]

“Health Net” Fatty liver is a warning doctor: Don’t control liver cancer early! -Real-time News-Free Health Network

The doctor pointed out that after discovering fatty liver, changing lifestyle habits such as weight loss, balanced diet, regular exercise, quitting smoking and drinking, has a chance to return to a healthy liver; the picture is a situational photo. (The picture is taken from pexels) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Health examination items often include liver ultrasound. Chen […]

Cooperating with the Liver Foundation’s “Abdominal Ultrasound” screening activity, Yuanli Li General Hospital detected 167 abnormalities-News-Free Health

Dr. Xu Chengyu from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Gastroenterology, Yuanlili General Hospital, said that the activities of the Liver Foundation are of great significance. In particular, regular ultrasound examinations can help determine the condition and early detection of liver cancer. (Provided by Li Zongyuan Li) [Reporter Cai Zhengmin/Miaoli Report]Yuanli Li General Hospital cooperated with […]

Health Net” “harmless drinking” does not exist!National Health Administration: Tea should be used instead of wine-News-Free Health Net

The National Health Administration pointed out that drinking alcohol has a carcinogenic effect on the human body, and there is no such thing as “harmless alcohol consumption.” Only by reducing alcohol consumption to zero can the various harms of alcohol to the body can be avoided. (The picture is taken from Unsplash) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]The […]