The intrigue in Sofia! Runoff surprise

In the battle for Sofia, the intrigue is for the second place – less than a percent difference. Voter turnout is expected to be around 41%. This is indicated by the data from the express survey for Sofia, conducted in the period October 21-24 by “Alfa Research”, commissioned by bTV. The research is representative of […]

Sexual Crimes Rock Busan City Council: Arrests and Sentencing Shake Local Politics

Former and Current Members of Busan City Council Involved in Sexual Crime Scandals Recently, shocking news regarding sexual crimes committed by former and current members of the Busan City Council has stirred public attention. These incidents continue to raise concerns about the ethical conduct of those in positions of power. Active Councilor Arrested for Secretly […]

[HOT 브리핑] “Flip around ‘Jung Jin-seok'”… Actions with President Yoon

Former Chairman Lee Jun-seok criticized Jung Jin-seok, who was the new Non-Chairman of the People’s Ability, devaluing and criticizing him as ‘People Yoon Hak-kwan’. When previous CEO Jun-seok Lee visited Ukraine suitable soon after the neighborhood election, President Jeong Jin-seok was the to start with to criticize him, expressing, “CEO Jun-seok Lee is run his […]

[속보] Park Ji-hyun ‘I can’t accept that I’m not qualified to run for Lee Jae-myung’

Lee Jae-myung, former chairman of the general election countermeasures committee, and Park Ji-hyun, former chairman of the joint emergency countermeasures committee, are having a conversation at the opening ceremony of the Incheon Election Countermeasures Committee held at Gyeyang Station Plaza in Incheon on the morning of May 19. yunhap news Park Ji-hyeon, former chairman of […]

Democratic Party leader Jae-myung Lee 50.8% against the challenge 39.9% in favor

Half of the people opposed Democratic lawmaker Lee Jae-myung’s candidacy at the next Democratic National Convention. Among the Democratic Party supporters, 78.6% supported Rep. Lee’s challenge as party leader. On the 10th, News Tomato commissioned Media Tomato, a polling agency, and conducted a survey on 1,014 adults aged 18 and over nationwide on the 7th. […]

Park Hong-geun, “Election defeat evaluation will not focus on the responsibility of a specific person”

[사진 제공:연합뉴스] Regarding the ‘responsibility theory of losing Ji-seon’ by Lee Jae-myung and Song Young-gil, a standing adviser recently raised mainly by pro-municipal lawmakers, Park Hong-geun, acting leader of the ruling Democratic Party and floor leader, said, “You cannot hold a specific person accountable.” I drew a line. “I don’t think the party’s evaluation of […]

Lee Jae-myung “low attitude”…

◀ anchor ▶ Adviser Lee Jae-myung, who was engulfed in the theory of responsibility for local elections, came to the National Assembly for the first time after winning the by-election yesterday. He declined to comment on whether or not to challenge the party representative. Rep. Woo Sang-ho, who will lead the party until the August […]