Stable Performance of Labor Fund Despite Global Economic Challenges

Labor Fund Utilization Bureau Announces Strong Performance in October The Labor Fund Utilization Bureau of the Ministry of Labor has reported an impressive performance for the month of October, with the general labor fund reaching a scale of 6.817 billion yuan and a post-evaluation income of 423.88 billion yuan, yielding a strong 7.60%. Despite the […]

JASIF’s Investment Profit Surpasses Expectations Despite Overall Decline

Investment Profit of JASIF After deducting the aforementioned items, JASIF recorded an investment profit of 1,939 million baht for the current quarter, marking a 12% decrease from the same period last year and a 14% decline from the previous quarter. The result, however, exceeded expectations due to rental income of 2,313 million baht, which was […]

Historic score for Bayern Munich

Third division Saarbruecken eliminated Bayern Munich in the German Cup tournament. The Bavarians suffered a reversal and defeat with 1:2 in a match of the 1/16 finals of the competition. Thomas Müller opened the scoring in the 16th minute. However, Patrick Sontheimer restored parity at the end of the first half. In the sixth minute […]

Five carbohydrates that are actually good for weight loss –

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail It is important to note that we are not talking about refined carbohydrates such as white bread, pastries, muffins, cookies and certain breakfast cereals. However, there are certain carbohydrates that can be a great addition to your diet – especially if you’re looking to lose weight. In addition Next on […]

Despite the big collection, Pakistan lost

A warm-up game before the main fight. The batsmen were aggressive there. Pakistan got a big collection of 345 runs. Still could not win. New Zealand won with 38 balls to spare.

Heineken Sells Russian Business for Symbolic 1 Euro, Withdrawing from the Market Amidst Ukrainian-Russian War

Heineken Sells Russian Business for Symbolic 1 Euro amidst Market Exit Withdrawal from the Ukrainian-Russian war escalations Following the alarming developments in the Ukrainian-Russian war, foreign-funded enterprises have been steadily pulling out of the Russian market. However, the Kremlin has retaliated by seizing select foreign-funded assets. In a press release on Friday, Heineken, the global […]