Poland is suing German companies over 35,000 tons of garbage

Poland wants to sue Germany before the ECJ. The Federal Republic is said to have illegally disposed of 35,000 tons of garbage in the neighboring country. The government in Warsaw has turned to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) over the illegal shipment of waste from Germany to Poland. The Polish Environment Ministry said on […]

ECJ: Administration can ban employees from wearing headscarves

The judges of the European Court of Justice have ruled that a headscarf ban does not constitute discrimination under certain conditions. The background is a case from Belgium. According to a ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), a headscarf ban in public administrations may be legal under certain circumstances. This is not discrimination […]

World Synod without concrete decisions: Next year

The meeting of the Catholic World Synod ended on Saturday in Rome without any concrete progress in terms of reforms. After almost four weeks, the approximately 360 bishops and Catholic laypeople – including women for the first time – adopted a joint declaration in the evening with a two-thirds majority, which, however, remained rather vague […]

After Hamas attack | Calls for a ceasefire in Gaza divide the EU

In view of the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, the EU states are struggling for unity in dealing with Israel and the Middle East conflict. At a meeting of foreign ministers in Luxembourg on Monday, countries including Spain, Slovenia and Ireland supported UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. However, […]

Özdemir wants to partially abolish best-before dates

According to Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir, long-lasting foods such as tea, rice or honey should no longer have a best-before date. This should help ensure that less food is thrown away, said the Green politician on Monday before a meeting with his EU counterparts in Luxembourg. “We need a binding list of exceptions for […]

News about Israel-Gaza | Israel sends its first ground troops to the Gaza Strip

Hamas leaders and Iran discuss Israeli attacks. Meanwhile, Israel’s defense minister sends a clear threat to the terrorists. All information in the news blog. The most important things at a glance Hamas terrorists crossed the border into Israel on October 7 and carried out massacres. Since then, Israel has been attacking targets in the Hamas-occupied […]

War in the Middle East | Bloody urban warfare feared in Gaza

While Israel’s military continues to prepare for a ground offensive against the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip with increased air strikes, diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the situation continue. French President Emmanuel Macron is expected on Tuesday for a two-day visit to Israel, the Elysée Palace announced. On Monday, the EU foreign ministers will also […]

The EU is apparently planning a new military mission in Africa

Benin and Ghana are said to have already given the green light: according to a report, the EU wants to send soldiers and police officers to a new mission in Africa. According to a media report, the European Union (EU) is planning a new mission in Africa. As the “Welt am Sonntag” reports, citing EU […]

Now money flows for the Ahr Valley

For two years, 700,000 euros in flood aid was on hold. Only now has the money that “lateral thinker” Bodo Schiffmann collected arrived at the Ahr – t-online knows the crazy journey of the euro. The donations were intended as “quick help” for the Ahr Valley: After the night of flooding from July 14 to […]