The Highly Anticipated Vijay Starrer ‘Leo’ Releases Trailer Date: October 5

The much-awaited Lokesh Kanagaraj-Vijay film ‘Leo’ trailer to be unveiled on October 5 Renowned director Lokesh Kanagaraj has confirmed that the trailer for the highly anticipated South Indian film ‘Leo’ will be released on October 5. This announcement has left the audience in eager anticipation. Excitement has reached new heights as fans eagerly await the […]

Choranapoil People’s Committee Takes a Stand Against Kudivella Peekari Construction Organization

Chaparpadav: Public Opposition Grows Against Kudivella Peekari Construction Project Choranapoil witnessed the emergence of the Choranapoil People’s Committee, a collective voice opposing the construction organization, Kudivella Peekari. The committee, led by prominent figures from the region, gathered to address the pressing concern of water scarcity in the Tapengad Baleshugiri area. In a recent meeting chaired […]

Signature Aged Care Founder Dispels Rumors Surrounding George’s End-of-Life Care

Direktor KG Alex: George was Not Abandoned, but Received Professional Care at Signature Aged Care KG Alex, the founder of Signature Aged Care, has dispelled rumors circulating on social media that George, during his final days, had been forsaken by his family. George had been a resident at the esteemed Signature Aged Care Institution in […]

Actor Dileep Joins Aranmula Vallasadya and Visits Churches in a Spiritual Journey

Actor Dileep’s Participation in Aranmula Vallasadya Delights Fans Renowned actor Dileep recently had a memorable experience as he participated in the prestigious Aranmula Vallasadya, an event steeped in tradition and spirituality. Not only did he make a fervent offering, but he also partook in a tour of the magnificent mosques. This drew a multitude of […]

Wisden Cricket Club Emerges Victorious in Super Women’s Cup

Wisden Cricket Club Emerges Victorious in Super Women’s Cup Finals In a thrilling showdown at the Indoor Turf of the Vytilah Paris Sports Centre, Ernakulam, Wisden Cricket Club showcased their outstanding skills, claiming victory in the All Women’s Cricket Final. The tournament, organized by Manorama Online in collaboration with Chunkat Jewelery and the crew of […]

Dancer Methil Devika Returns to the Big Screen After 23 Years in ‘Katha Innu Kaki’

Dancer Methil Devika Overcomes Resistance to Make Acting Debut in “Katha Innu Kaki” A Professional Journalist Report on Devika’s Journey into Cinema Twenty-three years ago, esteemed dancer Methil Devika, renowned for her exceptional talent and artistry, made a steadfast decision to abstain from entering the world of films. Despite being invited to various movies, including […]

Punnayurkulam’s Family Health Centers Struggle with Non-Functional Solar Panels: Losses and Lack of Support from KSEB

Poor Functioning of Solar Panels Causes Losses to Health Centers in Punnayurkulam Three Family Health Centers Affected by Non-functioning Solar Panels near the Panchayat In a setback for the Punnayurkulam community, the solar panels installed in three family health centers before summer have failed to start functioning. The non-functioning panels have resulted in an annual […]

Mohanlal and Manju Warrier Pay Tribute to Film Genius KG George

Mohanlal and Manju Warrier Pay Tribute to Renowned Filmmaker KG George Acknowledging a Cinematic Genius Indian actor Mohanlal recently took to social media to express his heartfelt tribute to the late filmmaker KG George. In his note, Mohanlal praised George as a unique talent who revolutionized Malayalam cinema and introduced audiences to a world of […]