North Korea fires ICBM in response to US-South Korea military exercises: PPTVHD36

The situation on the Korean peninsula continues to escalate. after the United States South Korea launched its biggest war games in five years under the so-called ‘Freedom Shield’ on Monday. And today, March 16, has reached its 4th day. The moves have angered North Korea and have promised to proceed with missile tests during that […]

North Korea fires missile Welcoming major US-South Korea military exercises: PPTVHD36

North Korea tests missiles hours before joint military exercises in the United States and South Korea will begin joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea have opened It is said to counterbalance pressure from North Korea which continues to test missiles. North Korea has condemned this as an attempt to provoke and […]

Concerns about Russo-Chinese naval maneuvers

China and Russia are conducting joint high seas maneuvers in South Africa. A hypersonic missile could also be tested. Joint military maneuvers with Russia and China began in South Africa on Friday. “The Russian frigate has arrived in Durban. The Chinese ship will arrive later,” said military sources. “We are in the preparatory phase, the […]

Russia, China joint army workouts are predicted to retaliate in opposition to the United States | Around the world Daily

There have been persistent indications that Russia is obtaining closer to China, specially army cooperation. Currently, one particular of the most significant joint workouts between Russia and China and its allies has started. With far more than 50,000 troops using aspect #navy workout routines #Russia China #navy cooperation #Channel 36 #major information stories #present day […]

Open “India” website on Just one China Principle l TNN Planet Now

When the issue of heat in the Taiwan River Induced China to need that several nations acknowledge the principle of “a person China”, together with India .. but India ignored .. that neither mentioned And did not deny its .. Why is that? Update news, highlights and fascinating assessment. Develop into close friends with TNN […]