Peach John” the world’s first AI-powered manga! : PPTVHD36

Japanese publisher launches world’s first “AI-powered manga” The author is the one who plans the story and writes the dialogue. But using AI to create images Previously, we have already talked about the “novel” created with the intelligent chatbot ChatGPT. Today we invite you to look at a “Manga” story created by artificial intelligence (AI) […]

[1 bennod am ddim]Try reading the manga “Admission Mercenary” – GAME Watch

The prologue of the manga “Entrance Mercenary” currently being distributed on LINE Manga will be released for free as a test read. “Admission Mercenary” is a battle manga serialized in LINE Manga. The story begins when the main character, Soma Tatewaki, enters the school after completing 10 years of mercenary life. At work, while using […]

[Am ddim am gyfnod cyfyngedig]Stealth ACT “Dishonored: Death of the Outsider” and criminal organization sim “City of Gangsters” distributed in Epic Games store | Game * Spark

In the Epic Games store, an action adventure”Dishonored: Death of the Outsiderand the simulation strategy”City of Gangsters]has started for a limited time until 1:00 am on February 10, Japan time. By completing the procedure to get it within the period, you can continue to play without restrictions. This work is a spin-off depicting the events […]

“Apex Legends” and “Titanfall” Will the development of new works set in the world be canceled – the development team will be fired if a new destination is not found | Game * Spark’s domestic and foreign game information site

From Apex Legends official website Bloomberg reports that Electronic Arts has stopped development of an unannounced game called ‘TFL’. The mysterious title with the name “TFL” or “Titanfall Legends” was developed by EA development company Respawn Entertainment.『Legends of Apex』When“Titanfall”It will be a single player game set in a shared world by EA, and although it […]

PS VR2 exclusive action “Horizon Call of the Mountain” The origin of the protagonist “Raius” who faces the threat to freedom is revealed | Game * Spark

PlayStation.BlogIn the PS VR2 exclusive action adventure scheduled for release on February 22,The call of the Mountain HorizonWorldview researched ]. This work is the latest in the series that will be the launch title of “PlayStation VR2” to be released on February 22, 2023. In this PlayStation.Blog, the origin of the main character “Raius” was […]

‘Prison Architect’ developer ‘The Last Starship’ new spaceship strategy trial available now | Game * Spark

Early Access Trailer Released January 25th 『Prison Architect“or”DarwiniaBritish indie developer Introversion Software, who worked onThe Last Starship]Test version distribution has started. This game is a single player work developed from a top-down perspective. The player controls equipment and crew from a screen that overlooks the interior of the spaceship. By exploring along the way and […]

“Steam Deck” is finally available! ?Sales immediately start in the Japanese region – however, the 64GB model is still a little deposited | Game * Spark-domestic and foreign game information site

Komodo has announced that Valve’s ultra-compact gaming PC “Steam Deck” will switch from a pre-order format to an immediate sale format in four Asian regions such as Japan. In this announcement, although the pre-order format for the 64GB model will only continue in Japan, the waiting time for pre-order purchase will be removed and immediate […]