Burmese soldiers in Magway region collapse PDF kills 12, injures 3 more

MGR Online – Burma Army in Magway Region sets up checkpoints, finds 6-wheeled vehicles loaded with PDF soldiers, refuses to stop checking A clashes erupted, resulting in 12 dead PDFs, 3 more arrested, many more weapons seized. Yesterday (June 22), many local media in Myanmar It is reported that Clash between Burma Army soldiers and […]

Mango TV “Detective 7” officially announced that the lineup of the jury will add a new collegial panel segment-Jingchu.com-Hubei Daily Network

Mango TV’s “Detective 7” officially announced that the new collegial panel will be added to the jury lineup to open the national law popularization class Today, Mango TV’s self-made legal popularization educational reasoning program “The Great Detective 7” released the latest main visual. The official announcement is scheduled to be held at 12 noon on […]