The Impact of Undervaluation of Land in Thiruvananthapuram’s Registration Department

Undervaluation Issue in the Registration Department Thousands of landlords in Thiruvananthapuram have been served with revenue recovery notices by the Registration department for undervaluation of land between the years 1986 and 2017. The notices, sent by post, have often been returned undelivered. The department is calling for the payment of stamp duty arrears based on […]

Controversial Robin Bus License Cancelled: Pathanamthitta to Coimbatore Route

Controversial Robin Bus License Cancelled The license of the Robin Bus, operating from Pathanamthitta to Coimbatore, has been officially revoked due to repeated violations of the law. The bus permit, registered in Kishore’s name, has been at the center of controversy for some time. Recently, the Robin Bus was seized by the Motor Vehicle Department […]

Thiruvananthapuram Industries Minister P. Rajeev Recalls Police Brutality During Koothuparamba Firing Protest: Facebook Post Goes Viral

Police Brutality Recalled by Industries Minister P. Rajeev Industries Minister P. Rajeev took to Facebook to recall the police brutality he experienced during a protest following the Koothuparamba firing. He recounted being taken to the police station and beaten for organizing a peaceful protest against Chief Minister K. Karunakaran, who also holds the position of […]

Tragedy Strikes in Lyshevo: Family of Four Dies from Poisonous Gas from Rotten Potatoes

Tragedy Strikes in Lyshevo: Family Members Dead after Inhaling Poisonous Gas Moscow Four members of a family tragically lost their lives in Lyshevo, near Kazan, Russia, after inhaling poisonous gas from rotten potatoes. The incident occurred when the potatoes, stored in a small room in the house for winter use, emitted toxic fumes. Only the […]

Farewell to Tara: Guruvayur’s Venerable Elephant Matriarch Dies

Farewell to Tara: Guruvayur’s Beloved Elephant Matriarch Passes Away Guruvayur Devaswom’s oldest elephant, Tara (also known as Gaja Muthassi), has passed away at the age of 90 after a prolonged illness. For the past three years, Tara had been battling health issues and was bedridden for the last year. Sadly, she breathed her last at […]

Tragic Death of Navy Trainee in Mumbai Hostel

Mumbai: The tragic death of Aparna V. Nair (20), a native of Adoor and a trainee in the Navy’s fire department, has left the military community in shock. Aparna was found dead, hanging in the army hostel in Malad. The daughter of Santhakumaran Nair and Vimalakumari in Udayamangalam, Pallikal Thotua had recently joined the Navy […]