Glasgow Airport Services Disrupted by Heavy Snow

Severe snowfall in Glasgow has led to the cancellation of services at Glasgow Airport. The heavy snow has caused significant disruption to airport operations, prompting officials to initiate the removal of ice that has accumulated on the runway since Friday night. According to authorities, November and December have been the coldest and snowiest months in […]

Saudi Citizen Executed in Makkah: Death Penalty Demanded by Daughter

Saudi Arabia Implements Death Penalty in Makkah In a statement released by the Ministry of Home Affairs, it was confirmed that the death sentence of a Saudi citizen was carried out in Makkah. This decision came after the daughter of the deceased demanded the execution of her father’s killer. The children of the murdered man, […]

The Waterlogged Luggage: A Director’s Stolen Script and Damaged Goods

Saturated Baggage Returned to Passenger by Air India Express; The film script and electronic devices of the young Malayali director were destroyed A young Malayalam director, Prasobh Ravi, had a distressing experience when his luggage, containing the screenplay for his upcoming film, was returned to him in a water-damaged state at Kozhikode International Airport. Travelling […]

NHS Doctors in England Receive 20% Pay Rise, Prompting Discontent Among Nurses

Doctors receive 20% pay rise, nurses express dissatisfaction Following a rare pay rise for NHS nurses after a long strike, doctors in England are set to receive a 20% pay increase. This comes as nursing unions have expressed their dissatisfaction with the discrepancy in pay between doctors and nurses. Nurses received a 5% pay rise […]

Dima Hasao: From Militancy to Tourism – The Switzerland of Northeast India

Dima Hasao: The Switzerland of Northeast India Once known for militancy, Dima Hasao district in Assam has undergone a remarkable transformation. Today, this region is hailed as the Switzerland of Northeast India, thanks to its pristine natural beauty and excellent climate that rivals even that of European countries. The tourism sector in Dima Hasao is […]

4-Year-Old American-Israeli Citizen Abigail Idan Released from Captivity in Gaza

An American-Israeli Child, Abigail Idan, Released from Captivity in Gaza In a significant announcement, US President Joe Biden revealed on Sunday that 4-year-old Abigail Idan, a dual American-Israeli citizen, was among the 13 hostages freed from Gaza. Abigail, who celebrated her fourth birthday just two days ago, is now safe and has returned to Israel. […]

The Global Health Problem of Isolation and Loneliness: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Loneliness: A Global Health Concern By John Smith, Senior Health Correspondent The World Health Organization has recently raised the alarm on the widespread issue of isolation, linking it to various health risks. According to their findings, people who experience loneliness are at a higher risk of developing health problems comparable to those of heavy smokers. […]

Weekly Star Predictions by Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad

Weekly Star Prediction by Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad This week’s star predictions by Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad are as follows: Ashwati: Effortlessly achieve what you set your mind to. You may have the opportunity to visit a special temple with your children. Bharani: Conceived plans may come to fruition, and those living in other countries may be […]