‘Mitsubishi Electric’ carries innovative cooling products to fight the summer battle

“ Mitsubishi Electric is confident that the economy will improve in 2013, pushing the air conditioner market to be busy. Moving forward to send an army of refrigeration products, including air conditioners, refrigerators, fans, to the market, ready to draw Non-Thanon as a new presenter Moving forward to strengthen logistics in the north and northeast […]

“Apple” announced that the launch of AR glasses has been postponed indefinitely

“Apple” announced the launch of AR glasses for an indefinite period l Million Marketing l 20-01-66 Apple delayed the launch of AR glasses for an indefinite period After encountering a technical problem, #Apple #glassesMR #VR #AR #AppleVision #MR #Apple has announced the postponement of the launch of AR #MacBook #iPhone #QuestPro #VR glasses. -11.30 am […]

Blue Tree Phuket is creating an Entertainment Center to organize a world-class Major Event

“ “Blue Tree Phuket” is developing an area of ​​4,000 square meters to cater for Major Events, all kinds of first class entertainment, paving the way for the new Phuket Entertainment Hub. “Phuket Blue Tree” Aiming to be an entertainment hub that encompasses all lifestyles including Crystal Lagoon, sports, food, music and adventure activities. Wade […]

Tesla sales in China soar 76% after price cut

Tesla sales in China soar 76 percent after price cuts (Model Y) produced in Shanghai earlier this month. million” every Monday – Saturday from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM. TNN Channel 16 to follow news station TNN Channel 16 /tnn16 https: //www.instagram .com/tnn_online/ Line @TNNONLINE or click https:// […]

“Subway” Prepares for $10 Billion in Sales l Million Dollar Marketing l 13-01-66

“Subway” Prepares for $10 Billion in Sales l Million Dollar Marketing l 13-01-66 Anyone who is a Subway fan needs to hear this news. Recently, the famous sandwich brand in the United States. Preparing to sell a global business worth 10 billion US dollars or over 333,400 million baht #Subway #USAQSR #Health #Subway #FastFood #Sandwich […]

Profits soar! “Evergreen” salary bonus for a 50 month employee l Marketing Money Million l 10-01-66

Profits soar! “Evergreen” Pays 50-Month Employee Bonuses l Marketing Millionaire l 10-01-66 Freight Forwarding Business Evergreen Marine Corp., Taiwan’s largest shipping company, pays a lump-sum bonus for workers On after profit increase in 2022 #Evergreen #Bonus #Employees #Evergreen Marine Corp Transport #Taiwan #Shipping Company #Shipping Company #Evergreen Bonus . “Million Money Marketing” program every Monday […]

Explore Nestlé Thailand’s 130-year investment journey.

In 2020, Nestlé opens its UHT factory. Nestlé Vanakon 7 with an investment value of 1,500 million baht to produce UHT drinks under the Milo and Bear brand brands before the official opening of the Nestlé Purina Petcare factory with an investment of 5 billion baht. In early 2022 to produce high quality wet pet […]

Check conditions, great promotion “Popcorn” 199 baht, put in any container only tomorrow

Activity details of the 2nd challenge, sparkling..unlimited Buy a 44oz soft drink, special price 99 baht, unlimited free soft drink refills all day At all branches of SF cinemas Branches participating in Challenge 2, sparkling..unlimited, all FF Cinemas branches Conditions for the second challenge activity, sparkling..unlimited. 1. Customers are entitled to unlimited refills of soft […]