Disney left the metaverse, what is the future direction of the metaverse?

Is the metaverse really worth it? Source: [매드타임스 이지원 인턴 기자] Disney changed its stance on its metaverse strategy 180 degrees this week, firing the high-tech team formed last year by former CEO Bob Chapek. In a tense economy, Disney, like many companies, is realigning its business by leaving behind risks and prioritizing augmented […]

“We study ‘people’ for a healthier world”

Establish Enzym Health, Health Insight Center and People Team (From left) Hyeon-Woo Kang, Head of Health Insight Centre, Woo-Hyuk Jang, Head of People Team (Human Resource Development) Enzyme Health is organizing two new organizations to create a healthier world and accelerate healthcare public relations. Enzyme Health recently established the Center for Health Insights, which researches […]

Shein and Temu fight tooth and nail for the market for cheap dresses

Online fashion retailer SHEIN and its new rival Temu are competing to attract shoppers’ attention to their cheap Chinese-made products, and this battle is being fought not only on social media, but also in an American courtroom. The legal skirmish is important to US consumers and rival retailers as it shows how online merchants with […]

Mr. Hiroshi Tanahashi “Accept pain with the pectoralis major” Tips for life in professional wrestling: Nikkei Cross Trends

Hiroshi Tanahashi, star player of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Self-proclaimed as “one in 100 years” and with mottos of “never get tired”, “never get depressed”, and “never give up”, he has an unexpected face “consultant concern consultation” for women’s web media “OTEKOMACHI “. There is In December 2022, Mr. Tanahashi a collection of answers, “Taking that […]

NEIGHBORS presents a Full-Funnel Marketing strategy to penetrate the product and service market

NEIGHBORS (NEIGHBORS), a full service boutique advertising and marketing agency. Bringing together professionals in business, marketing and agency strategy, transforming the traditional agency service model with a Full-Funnel Marketing strategy, focusing on the highly complex High Involvement products and services market. Respond to customer problems and solve them precisely Reach the real target audience. The […]

“Apple” announced that the launch of AR glasses has been postponed indefinitely

“Apple” announced the launch of AR glasses for an indefinite period l Million Marketing l 20-01-66 Apple delayed the launch of AR glasses for an indefinite period After encountering a technical problem, #Apple #glassesMR #VR #AR #AppleVision #MR #Apple has announced the postponement of the launch of AR #MacBook #iPhone #QuestPro #VR glasses. -11.30 am […]

Tesla sales in China soar 76% after price cut

Tesla sales in China soar 76 percent after price cuts (Model Y) produced in Shanghai earlier this month. million” every Monday – Saturday from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM. TNN Channel 16 to follow news station TNN Channel 16 /tnn16 https: //www.instagram .com/tnn_online/ Line @TNNONLINE or click https:// […]

“Subway” Prepares for $10 Billion in Sales l Million Dollar Marketing l 13-01-66

“Subway” Prepares for $10 Billion in Sales l Million Dollar Marketing l 13-01-66 Anyone who is a Subway fan needs to hear this news. Recently, the famous sandwich brand in the United States. Preparing to sell a global business worth 10 billion US dollars or over 333,400 million baht #Subway #USAQSR #Health #Subway #FastFood #Sandwich […]

Profits soar! “Evergreen” salary bonus for a 50 month employee l Marketing Money Million l 10-01-66

Profits soar! “Evergreen” Pays 50-Month Employee Bonuses l Marketing Millionaire l 10-01-66 Freight Forwarding Business Evergreen Marine Corp., Taiwan’s largest shipping company, pays a lump-sum bonus for workers On after profit increase in 2022 #Evergreen #Bonus #Employees #Evergreen Marine Corp Transport #Taiwan #Shipping Company #Shipping Company #Evergreen Bonus . “Million Money Marketing” program every Monday […]