Farmers in China Using Luxury Cars for Plowing: A New Trend in Agriculture?

The Use of Luxury Cars in Farming: A New Trend in Agriculture? As technology continues to advance, farming has become more accessible and efficient with the use of various tools and machinery. One recent phenomenon that has caught the attention of social media users is the use of luxury cars for plowing and cultivating the […]

Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s Dominance in F1: Impressive and Durable

Rewrite text Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s current complete dominance in F1 is even more impressive and perhaps more durable than Mercedes’ similar dominance of late, says former Renault F1 team principal Cyril Abiteboul. Red Bull have set an excellent standard this season, one that is hard to find given Mercedes’ recent struggles. Mercedes team […]

The F1 Safety Cars

02 MIN 00 SEG Andres Muñoz Mexico (October 28, 2023) .-05:00 hrs It registers a weight of 1,615 kg and a wheelbase of 2,630 mm. Credit: Courtesy It has a wheelbase of 2,704 mm and a weight of 1,570 kg. Credit: Courtesy The rear spoiler is made of carbon fiber. Credit: Courtesy It uses 6 […]

Mercedes F1 Team Boss Toto Wolff’s Terrifying Crash at the Notorious Nürburgring Nordschleife

Mercedes F1 Team Boss Toto Wolff Reflects on a Terrifying Crash at the Treacherous Nürburgring Nordschleife Renowned as the “Green Hell,” the historic Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit has always demanded the utmost respect from drivers. Its treacherous reputation as one of the world’s most dangerous tracks dates back decades, with its last Formula 1 World Championship […]

NEW DETAILS; AN UNSEEN SPREAD IN THE PARKING LOT OF A SHOPPING CENTER: A Mercedes crashed into people, five people in the hospital, one…

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/06/19ed7ea7-30b8-4513-af2f-1e28e516237a.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/06/19ed7ea7-30b8-4513-af2f-1e28e516237a.jpg”,”caption”:””,”bg”:”c7c4c1″] Last night, a Mercedes driver crashed into several pedestrians at the Supernova parking lot in Buzin, and then ran into parked cars. According to the latest information, five people were injured. According to Index, one person’s life is in danger. People were lying on the floor after the vehicle hit. The first ambulance arrived […]

Mercedes F1 rep “I’m angry but Verstappen is on a different level”[]

Mercedes F1 team boss Toto Wolff has promised the team will “take control” of Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s dominance. Mercedes F1 misinterpreted the new aerodynamic regulations introduced last season, and as a result of trial and error, decided to choose a completely different line of development. The Monaco GP introduced a new front suspension, […]

McLaren F1 rep explains Mercedes’ “pod zero” failure factor[]

McLaren F1 team boss Andrea Stella has explained why Mercedes’ F1 “zero pod” concept has long been doomed to failure. For testing ahead of the 2022 season, Mercedes has unveiled the W13 with minimal sidepods, unlike the thick sidepods used elsewhere on the grid. After other teams abandoned the idea, Mercedes stuck with that philosophy […]