Evidence Shows Collapse of Newtonian Mechanics in Orbital Motion of Long-Period Binary Stars

Sejong University physicist Kyu-Hyeon Chae has discovered evidence that Newtonian mechanics, which has been widely accepted for the past 300 years, collapses in the orbital motion of long-period binary stars. This revelation not only challenges Newtonian mechanics but also calls into question the validity of general relativity, which has been established for about 100 years. […]

Action Square’s Shooter Game ANVIL to Launch Official Service on Steam

ANVIL, a popular shooter game developed by Action Square and published globally by HIKE, will officially launch on Steam on the 27th. Action Square has announced that a new video showcasing the game will be released on their official page at 8:00 pm on the 21st. ANVIL is an exciting top-down shooter game where players […]

SK Biopharmaceuticals Acquires Proteobant to Secure Targeted Proteolytic Therapy Technology

SK Biopharmaceuticals Acquires Proteobant to Secure TPD Technology In a move to secure targeted proteolytic therapy (TPD) technology, SK Biopharmaceuticals has announced the acquisition of Proteobant. The South Korean company revealed that it would be acquiring a 60% stake in ProteoVant Sciences, a prominent US biotech firm, for approximately 62 billion won. By 2021, SK […]

GS Caltex preemptively introduces Apple Pay … customer convenience ↑

[더밸류뉴스=김인식 기자] GS Caltex (CEO Heo Se-hong) is further strengthening its simple payment service to improve customer fueling convenience. On the 22nd, GS Caltex introduced Apple Pay, a simple payment service from Apple, to more than 2,000 gas stations and charging stations nationwide. As a result, GS Caltex gas station customers with a Hyundai Card […]

Korean Air is moving closer to the final gateway for acquisition and integration.

ⓒ Korean Air [디스커버리뉴스=정기환 기자] Korean Air announced on March 1 (local time) that it had received approval for a business combination involving the acquisition of Asiana Airlines from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). As a result, Korean Air is approved by the US, EU and Japanese competition authorities. The UK competition authorities […]