Annalena Baerbock on Fox News: Strong message to US Republicans

Annalena Baerbock gave an interview to Fox News. In it she sent an urgent message to the US Congress. Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock gave an interview to the right-wing news channel Fox News. In it she addressed a clear message directly to the US Congress and the Republicans and called for further aid to […]

‘Sivas Congress’ message from President Erdogan

President Erdoğan published a written message on the occasion of the 104th anniversary of the Sivas Congress. In his message, Erdogan said, “Sivas Congress is one of the important turning points in our history, as it is a congress where the foundations of the Republic were laid. Representatives from all corners of the country who […]

Russian embassy marks Crimea as Ukrainian in tweet: breakdown?

For years, Russia has annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in violation of international law. But now a world map from a Russian authority is causing astonishment. A tweet could indicate that parts of the Russian power apparatus disagree with the Kremlin. For example, the Russian embassy in South Africa posted a map on the […]

Lukashenko comes up with a bizarre message for Ukraine

On Ukraine’s Independence Day, the Belarusian ruler Lukashenko has sent a message to the neighboring country. The content seems more than cynical. “Many generations of Belarusians and Ukrainians have lived in harmony and respect for centuries”: With these words begins a message from the Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko, which he sends to the Ukrainian people […]

US citizens should leave the country immediately – because of Wagner mercenaries?

The neighboring countries of Belarus fear the infiltration of Wagner mercenaries and are closing the first border crossings. Now the US Embassy in Minsk is also warning. Following rising tensions between Belarus and its western neighbors, the US Embassy in Minsk is now issuing an urgent warning to its citizens. Americans should not travel to […]

Putin’s signal to his harshest critics

The Russian autocrat shows himself in public. In a city of special importance, he meets with military officials. There is a calculation behind it. When Vladimir Putin appears in public, it means something. Much has been written recently about the symbolic content of his appointments. Even more so than with other politicians, the Russian dictator […]

Right-wing extremists burn Koran in front of Iraqi embassy

Relations between Denmark, Sweden and Iraq could escalate further: Another Koran was set on fire. Demonstrators burned a Koran in front of the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen. The far-right group “Danish Patriots” broadcast the action live on Facebook on Monday. A man stepped on the Koran and set it on fire in an aluminum school […]

Selenskyj recalls the ambassador in London after a critical statement

Vadym Prystajko was the Ukrainian ambassador in London and is now out of a job. President Selenskyj recalled him because he had made critical comments. Shortly after a critical statement about President Volodymr Zelenskyj, the Ukrainian ambassador to Great Britain, Vadym Prystajko, was recalled from his post. Selenskyj had the corresponding decree published on his […]

Secretary of State Robert Jenrick bans cartoons in children’s asylum home

The British Secretary of State surprises with an unusual measure. He has cartoons painted over at an arrival center for unaccompanied children. Great Britain wants fewer asylum seekers to come into the country. The government has been heavily criticized for this. Actions by Robert Jenrick, the UK’s Secretary of State for Immigration, continue to put […]

Wagner boss reports after uprising – and attacks Russian army leadership

After his aborted uprising, it was initially quiet around Wagner boss Prigoschin. Now he speaks up for the first time – and again attacks the Russian Ministry of Defense. The head of the Russian mercenary unit Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, denied in his first speech after the unsuccessful uprising at the weekend that he had sought […]