PotatoNet Discovers New Phishing Method Exploiting Google Image Search

PotatoNet Uncovers New Illegal Advertising Phishing Method Using Google Image Search Money Today – Sae-rom Park, Reporter | October 4, 2023, 18:25 PotatoNet, a renowned threat intelligence company, has recently revealed the detection of an unlawful advertising phishing technique utilizing the Google image search feature. As a measure to ensure user safety, Google provides the […]

TWICE Collaborates with FamilyMart for a Christmas Cake: Introducing the Lovely Tea Time Cake

LOVELY TEA TIME CAKE: A Sweet Christmas Collaboration with TWICE A delicious treat awaits cake enthusiasts this Christmas as FamilyMart presents the enchanting “LOVELY TEA TIME CAKE,” a joint creation with the popular K-pop group, TWICE. Designed to reflect TWICE’s vibrant artistry and mesmerizing stage performances, this delightful cake promises to indulge your senses. The […]

Fortnite Introduces ‘My Hero Academia’ Characters in New Update

Fortnite Collaboration with “My Hero Academia” Brings Exciting New Features Fortnite, the popular online game developed by Epic Games, has announced an exciting collaboration with “My Hero Academia,” one of the most beloved anime series. Three iconic characters from the show, Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, and Mina Ashido, will soon be available in the game’s […]

Introducing the Yamaha Golf Club “RMX VD” Series: New Models for Maximum Performance

Introducing the new Yamaha “RMX VD” and “RMX VD/M” golf clubs. These clubs are designed to enhance the performance of every golfer. The “RMX VD” driver offers three different features to meet the preferences of athletic golfers. All driver heads feature the innovative “Bull’s-eye Face” technology, which optimizes initial ball speed, launch angle, and spin […]

NIJISANJI EN Unit Art T-Shirt Vol.3: Get Your Favorite VTuber’s Younger Image on a Shirt!

NIJISANJI EN Unit Art T-Shirt Vol.3 Now Available! The highly anticipated “NIJISANJI EN Unit Art T-Shirt Vol.3” is now on sale. This collection features a total of 17 VTubers from the NIJISANJI EN project, which primarily uses English. The T-shirts showcase youthful illustrations of each member, allowing fans to support their favorite VTubers in style. […]

PRODUCE 101 JAPAN: The Girls Set to Perform at Baseball Game and Release New Theme Song

Japanese Entertainment World to Host New Survival Audition Program “PRODUCE 101 JAPAN” In a groundbreaking move, Japan is set to launch its first-ever large-scale program production in the entertainment industry with the highly anticipated “PRODUCE 101 JAPAN” survival audition program. The show, which will be decided by national producers (viewers), features trainees from the third […]

Maiko Kurogouchi Wins Grand Prize at 2023 Mainichi Fashion Awards

Winners of the 2023 Mainichi Fashion Awards Announced The winners of the 41st Mainichi Fashion Awards, a prestigious event honoring outstanding individuals and institutions in the fashion industry, have been selected. The Grand Prize went to Maiko Kurogouchi, the renowned designer behind Mame Kurogouchi. Kazuya Kawasaki, CEO of Synflux, received the Newcomer Award and Shiseido […]

Blackview A200 Pro: The Latest Flagship Smartphone with Exclusive Limited-Time Offers

Blackview Releases Latest Flagship Smartphone, Blackview A200 Pro Blackview, a global mobile device manufacturer known for its presence in Europe, Africa, and Asia, has unveiled its newest flagship smartphone, the Blackview A200 Pro. This eagerly anticipated device is now available for purchase, with a limited-time special offer exclusively on AliExpress. Early Bird Pricing and Special […]

1MORE Releases Penta Driver P50: A High-Performance Upgrade to HIFI Series

[1MORE Penta Driver P50: Taking Sound Quality to the Next Level] By [Journalist’s Name] 1MORE, a leading manufacturer in acoustic technology, is renowned for its high-quality headphones. With its latest release, the 1MORE Penta Driver P50, the company aims to redefine sound excellence. This new model is equipped with five cutting-edge units, surpassing its predecessors […]