Kolon Mobility Group, BMW Headquarters split into a new company

[딜사이트 최보람 기자] Kolon Mobility Group, a foreign car sales company, decided to split the sales headquarters of the BMW and MINI brands into business companies. It is a dimension to improve the efficiency of decision-making through independent management. Kolon Mobility Group held a board of directors meeting on the 9th and announced on the […]

“Mini Aegis” Lee Jong-seop greets “Mini Aegis”

Today’s Money Reporter Kim Ji-hoon | 2023.04.10 18:32 [the300] (Seoul = News 1) = Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-seop delivers a congratulatory speech at the launch ceremony of the Navy’s new frigate No. The Chungnam ship is 129m long, 15m wide and weighs 3,600 tonnes, and can operate at a maximum speed of 55km […]

‘Government is constructing 186 mini stadiums to bring youth to the field’

State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russell said, ‘Sports have decreased due to the decrease in the number of fields in the country. The government is constructing 186 mini stadiums in different districts and upazilas to make the youth society a playground. Besides, mini stadium work will start in 151 more upazilas. So […]