By exploring the inner world of cells, a new micro-antenna can see the development of disease from a cellular perspective | GeneOnline News

The application and development of micro-robots in the medical field continues to keep up with the times. In “Nature-Communication” (Nature Communication) in the latest paper in the journal,MITA team (MIT) has shown for the first time a small antenna that can operate wirelessly inside living cells. As cells are the foundation of biological systems, the […]

A previous MIT professor accused of becoming a ‘Chinese spy’ prospects a analysis workforce to uncover substance. The ‘semiconductor’ is the ideal in the world.

A Chinese professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Engineering (MIT), just lately acquitted of remaining a “Dragon Spy” qualified prospects a workforce of experts to learn the “very best” semiconductor product the earth has at any time viewed. They are of a greater good quality than silicon, which is the principal uncooked material utilized in […]