Kodai Senga decides not to take part in WBC Given the difficulty of adapting… Director Kuriyama made a “parental” decision | Full Account

Manager Kuriyama considers the difficulty of setting adjustments in the first year of the big challenge It was revealed on the 27th that pitcher Kodai Senga, who transferred from Softbank to MLB’s Mets, will not participate in the Japanese baseball team “Samurai Japan,” which will participate in the WBC. The possibility of participating in the […]

Shohei Otani’s transfers “look small”, Rui Hachimura’s “competition” draws the attention of fans “I have to go to LA” | Full Account

Hachimura Transfer Gathers Great Japanese Athletes From Around Los Angeles Fans have high expectations for the “rivalry” between Angels pitcher Shohei Otani and Rui Hachimura, whose transfer was announced on the 23rd (24th Japan time). From now on, both will be located in Los Angeles and its suburbs, and comments from Japan have gathered, saying, […]

Fans are stunned by the cancellation of the military sale “Are you kidding?” Shohei Otani transfer speculation “Should he be released to the military” | Full Account

Angels cancel team sale, Moreno owner ‘I have unfinished business’ The Angels, home of pitcher Shohei Ohtani, announced on the 23rd (24th Japan time) that owner Art Moreno has completed an investigation into selling the team and will continue to own the team beyond 2023. It has become clear that we have unfinished business and […]

Japanese-American outfield player who wanted to join Samurai J-League “Pretty disappointed” Otani was also scouted… “Unfortunate contact” arrived | Full Account

Kwan, a solid hitter, failed to qualify for MLB’s Japanese Samurai Japanese-American outfielder Stephen Kwan of the Guardians, who was positive about joining the Japanese national baseball team “Samurai Japan”, revealed that he was not eligible to participate in Major League Baseball (MLB). US media “Nichibei” reported that he was “expelled from MLB”. [PR]Mr. Kakefu […]

Unprecedented “economic impact” brought by Shohei Otani “North America’s first” More than 64.3 billion yen Reason for the contract without waiting | Full Account

The possibility of a contract of around 64.3 billion yen, the first ever for a North American professional athlete Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani will be a free agent next season. If the contract is not extended by then, a huge contract battle is inevitable. US sports network ESPN has highlighted the possibility of the first […]