Get Ready for the Most Brutal Promotions of 2023 with HONOR at Thailand Mobile Expo

Don’t Miss Out on HONOR’s Exclusive Promotions at Thailand Mobile Expo 2023 HONOR, the new mobile phone brand, is offering some incredible promotions at Thailand Mobile Expo 2023, taking place from October 26th to 29th, 2023. Known for their cutting-edge technology and top-notch features, HONOR has become a favorite among smartphone enthusiasts. Let’s take a […]

The Best Beartai Awards 2023: Celebrating the Finest in the Gaming Industry

The Thailand Game Show 2023 is set to host the highly anticipated Best Beartai Awards, where outstanding achievements in the gaming industry for the year 2023 will be recognized. With a total of 13 awards up for grabs, it promises to be yet another unforgettable event. The Best Beartai Awards 2023 will feature categories such […]

Huawei’s Kirin 9000s Chip: Unveiling the Mystery Behind Its Production Process

New Details Emerge About Huawei’s Kirin 9000s Chips In a surprising turn of events, Chinese tech giant Huawei has remained tight-lipped about the specifics surrounding its latest Kirin 9000s chips. While speculation has been rife, two main theories have emerged. The first suggests that Huawei and SMIC, its semiconductor manufacturing partner, have managed to produce […]

Kong Huai Rai Joins Forces with Samsung Galaxy A05 / A05s: A Powerful Partnership

Samsung Launches New Samsung Galaxy A05/A05s with Kong Huai Rai as Presenter At the end of September, Samsung introduced the latest addition to their smartphone lineup, the Samsung Galaxy A05/A05s. Adding to the excitement, the renowned country singer, Kong Huai Rai, has been chosen as the presenter for this new device. With a string of […]

Pressure Mounts on President Biden to Restrict RISC-V Technology Development Amidst National Security Concerns

Pressure Mounts on President Biden to Impose Restrictions on RISC-V Technology Members of Congress Raise Concerns Over China’s Utilization of Open Source Chip Architecture Washington, D.C. – As tensions between the United States and China escalate, Democratic and Republican lawmakers are urging President Joe Biden to impose restrictions on American companies involved in the development […]

The Legendary Nokia N-Gage: A Game-Changing Hybrid Mobile Phone and Portable Gaming Console

Remembering the Legendary Nokia N-Gage on its 20th Anniversary The Nokia N-Gage, fondly remembered by many Thai people, holds a special place as yet another iconic mobile phone. On January 5, 2003, Nokia introduced this revolutionary hybrid device at the renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, United States of America. This innovative […]

The Role of a Leader: Wang Yaoqing’s Journey on ‘Beyond the Troubles Season 3’

The popular competition variety show “Beyond the Troubles Season 3” is currently airing on Mango TV. Wang Yaoqing, who topped the personal favorites list with his first performance, once again claimed the first place with his third performance of “Joker”. As the tribe’s captain, Wang Yaoqing, known as the “facilitator,” took on the responsibility of […]