Naoya Inoue: The Greatest Fighter Since Pacquiao, Says Promoter Bob Arum

Naoya Inoue, the reigning WBC/WBO world super bantamweight champion, has solidified his status as one of the greatest fighters in professional boxing history. At the age of 30, Inoue has triumphed in an impressive seven weight classes, earning widespread recognition and admiration within the sport. His recent victory over Stephen Fulton, the WBC/WBO world bantamweight […]

Hiroki Inoue Reflects on Naoya Inoue’s Historic Victory at Fulton Part 1

Naoya Inoue Makes History with Four-Weight Class Victory In a remarkable display of skill and strength, Naoya Inoue (Ohashi Jim) secured an emphatic victory against Steven Fulton (USA) in the WBC/WBO world super bantamweight title match on July 25. With this win, Inoue became only the second Japanese boxer to conquer world titles in four […]

What is the key to Naoya Inoue’s 4-division dominance? Three American experts expect a big fight with Fulton, the “strongest opponent” | Martial arts | Shueisha general sports magazine Sportiva official website Sportiva web

On May 7th, the eyes of boxing fans around the world will be on the Yokohama Arena in Japan. Naoya Inoue (Ohashi / 29 years old / 24 wins / 21 KO), the 3 division champion who achieved the unification of 4 groups in the bantamweight class at the end of last year, raised the […]

“There are many walls” to fight Naoya Inoue Kazuki Kameda pays attention to the throne … Chairman Jim has a quiet opinion: J-CAST News[arddangosfa testun llawn]

Kazuki Kameda (TMK, 31), professional boxing world champion in two weight classes, played against Luis Castillo (Mexico, 27), ranked 13th in the WBA super bantamweight division, at the Osaka ATC Hall on February 25, 2023, and won by TKO five times. Kameda, who has the right to challenge for the next WBA world bantamweight title, […]

Naoya Inoue fight “100% no problem” WBA and IBF champion’s camp declares “It will be a massive fight” US Report: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

WBA/IBF super bantamweight world champion Murojon Ahmadaliev (Usbekistan, 28) hosted the match with former unified bantamweight world champion Naoya Inoue (Ohashi, 29). US boxing media reported “Boxing Scene” (WEB version) on February 8, 2023. According to the media, Eddie Hearn, who promotes Akhmadaliev, has stated that there is “100% no problem” regarding the match with […]

“Surpassing Naoya Inoue” Fulton, powerful opponent, confident in defeating monsters “Everyone will lose their words after the match”: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

WBC/WBO professional boxing world super bantamweight champion Stephen Fulton (USA, 28) appeared on the YouTube channel “The Last Stand” released on February 6, 2023, and was a former four-group unified bantamweight world champion. surpassed Naoya Inoue (Ohashi, 29). According to US boxing media “Boxing News 24/7”, Fulton said, “(Inoue’s) power is not important to me,” […]

“Naoya Inoue gets first black star” 32-year-old former undefeated interim champion declares war “I’m ready to become a legend”: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

Former WBA super bantamweight interim champion of the professional boxing world Rais Aleem (USA, 32) declared war on Naoya Inoue (Ohashi, 29). US boxing media reported “Boxing Scene” (WEB version) on January 13, 2023. Naoya Inoue (Photo: Hiroo Finito/Aflo Yamaguchi) Aleem “Inoue is a true champion” Inoue, who managed to unify the 4-group world bantamweight […]

Naoya Inoue “Target” Fulton, to the ring in the next round Featherweight If you return the throne, “You can avoid losing the fight against Inoue” Harsh foreign media: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

WBC/WBO boxing world super bantamweight champion Stephen Fulton (USA, 28) will face former WBA/WBC bantamweight champion Brandon Figueroa (USA, 26) on February 25, 2023 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Several international media reported. Naoya Inoue (Photo: Hiroo Finito/Aflo Yamaguchi) Possibility of promotion to the regular championship game The two fought in the WBC/WBO world bantamweight championship […]