Park Ji-won, “Presidential secretary’s office ‘foolish’…President Yoon, you have to pay attention to approval ratings”

[주영진의 뉴스브리핑] When citing an interview, the program name ‘SBS’ ‘ Please be precise. Copyright belongs to SBS. ■ Broadcast: SBS Mon~Fri (14:00~16:00) ■ Progress: Anchor Joo Young-jin ■ Interview: Park Ji-won, former Chief of Staff to President Kim Dae-jung ——————————————– ● Park Ji-won “Presidential secretary’s office ‘foolish’…President Yoon, you need to pay attention to […]

The 26th Fair Play Menarini International Awards Ceremony

award ceremonyThe 26th Fair Play Menarini International Awards (XXVI Fair Play Menarini International Award) has opened up by the Italian National Olympic Committee; or Salone d’Onore at CONI In Rome hosted a press conference. to proclaim and honor the values ​​of ethical sports byFair Play Menarini Foundation (Fair Play Menarini Foundation) who organized this prestigious […]

JCKH acquired Shabu Indy-Sidhi Franchise at Burger & Lobster, Branch 2

JCK Hospitality Public Company Limited (JCKH) revealed that the Board of Directors meeting has a resolution to approve the company Invest by purchasing assets from Indy International Company Limited (INDY) consisting of trademarks under the brand “Shabu Indy”, land with buildings, other fixed assets. and freezer Including the transfer of rights to do business under […]

TK empowered the 尹 government… ‘Election overtime’ won by the people’s power

On the afternoon of the 1st, the 8th National Simultaneous Local Election Day, Daegu Mayor Hong Jun-pyo (center), Daegu Mayor Lee Cheol-woo (left) Gyeongbuk Provincial Governor Candidate In-seon Lee (right) Suseong National Assembly by-election at the poll counting room at the People’s Power Daegu City/Gyeongbuk Provincial Party in Suseong-gu, Daegu Candidates hold hands and cheer […]

Even a parody of ‘3M Daughter, Aunt Namguk’… After the Democratic Party’s Han Dong-hoon hearing, the national power ‘Apologize to the people’

At the hearing of Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon’s nominee, the controversial remarks of Democratic lawmakers are being made into so-called ‘online memes’ and are being made into caricatures. online community capture At the hearing of Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon’s nominee, a parody of the lack of preparation for a hearing by hearing members belonging […]

NPS sells 3 tranches of debentures at 4 -5.10% interest, subscribes 9-11

National Power Supply Public Company Limited (NPS) offered debentures No. 1/2565 to the general public. institutional investors and/or high net worth investors It is a long-term debenture with the name of the holder. Non-subordinated type Unsecured and has a debenture holder representative by giving the issuer the right to redeem early The total number of […]

Countdown to completion of legislative measures, Prosecutor’s Office Amendment Bill passed in 30 days, Criminal Procedure Act amendment bill scheduled for plenary session on the 3rd

The people’s power resisted with the second filibuster, but it was not enough. People’s Strength Rep. Kim Hyung-dong is receiving encouragement from Rep. Kim Woong, Kim Hee-guk, and Lee Man-hee after an unrestricted discussion against the amendment to the Criminal Procedure Act at the National Assembly plenary session on the evening of the 30th. yunhap […]

Mongolia plans to fully enter the state of saving and is currently stepping up the formulation or implementation of corresponding countermeasures_National Great Hural_Shatar_Budget

Original title: Mongolia plans to fully enter the state of saving and is currently stepping up the formulation or implementation of corresponding countermeasures In recent years, affected by many factors such as the global new crown epidemic trend, the unsmooth operation of border ports and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Mongolia’s foreign trade has […]