Russian Military to Receive First Fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by the End of 2023

Russian Media: First Fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to be Delivered to Russian Army by End of 2023 (Xinhua file photo: Sailing competition in Vladivostok, Russia, June 12, 2023) St. Petersburg, November 28 (Xinhua) – Russian media sources reported on Monday that the first fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, will be delivered to […]

Lessons Learned from Past Submarine Tragedies: Implications for the Thai Navy’s Use of Chinese Engines

Lessons Learned from Previous Submarine Tragedies Involving Chinese Navy Engines In light of recent submarine accidents, it is essential to reflect on past disasters and draw valuable lessons from them. These incidents serve as stark reminders of the risks and challenges associated with underwater operations. Examining historical submarine mishaps can provide crucial insights to prevent […]

US Treasury Department Imposes Sanctions on Four Russians Linked to Navalny Poisoning Attempt

US Treasury Department Imposes Sanctions on Four Russians Linked to Navalny Poisoning Attempt By [Author’s Name], [Newspaper Name] The US Treasury Department made an official announcement on Thursday regarding its decision to impose sanctions on four Russian individuals who are directly associated with Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). These sanctions have been implemented due to […]

The Top 5 Naval Powers of the World: Ranking by Fleet Strength and Capabilities

World’s Top Naval Powers: Rankings, Strengths, and Challenges By [Author Name], Published on [Date] A recent report by the South China Morning Post highlights the rankings of the world’s naval superpowers based on various parameters including fleet age, logistical support, attack and defense capabilities, variety of munitions available, and concentration of munitions in specific areas. […]

US Soldiers and Spies Arrested for Espionage: Sensitive Navy Information Leaked to China

US Soldiers Arrested for Stealing Military Aircraft and Sharing Sensitive Navy Information In a concerning development, two US sailors have been apprehended by the US Department of Justice on charges of stealing classified military information and compromising national security by passing it on to the Chinese government. This incident adds to a growing list of […]

Royal Thai Navy Initiates Investigation into Disappearance of Ammunition from Stockpile, Vows Maximum Penalty for Culprits

Royal Thai Navy Commander-in-Chief Orders Committee to Investigate Disappearance of Ammunition from Stockpile Admiral Prajad Monthatphalin, spokesperson for the Royal Thai Navy, Reveals Investigation into Missing Bullets The Royal Thai Navy has initiated an investigation into the unexplained disappearance of thousands of ammunition rounds, including M855 and M856 machine gun bullets and 40 mm firing […]

DAPA, deliver 2 ‘Barcud’ fast landing craft to the Navy

Navy fast landing craft ‘Kite’ (Photo = Navy) The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced on the 1st that it has delivered the 3rd and 4th Landing Speed ​​Boats (LSF-II), the Kite-633 and 635 boats, the core of the landing operation, to the Navy . Kite-633 and 635 boats are follow-on ships built by an […]