Marshall’s third-generation home speaker is launched in Taiwan, with a comprehensive upgrade in appearance, sound quality and Bluetooth version, and a promotion for the second-generation product#Bluetooth5.2 (187848)

On the eve of the Lunar New Year, Marshall announced that it will launch the third-generation home speaker in Taiwan from January 13. Fully upgraded; in addition, when Marshall’s third-generation home speakers are on the market, it is also announced that Marshall’s second-generation home speakers will offer a limited discount of 17%, with a maximum […]

CES 2023: In addition to hardware upgrades, ASUS ROG gaming notebooks have improved panel performance, and small-sized desktops get a surprise #电短超级(187346)

Most of the ASUS ROG series notebook products at CES in 2023 upgrade the core specifications of existing models, focusing on better cooling systems and improved NUBULA Display technology. At the same time, NVIDIA Advanced Optimus technology has also been submit fully. The advanced function of direct GPU connection is restarted; however, in addition to […]

Amazfit GTR 4 smartwatch, GTS 4 released: precise dual frequency 6 satellite positioning, fourth generation PPG optical sensor, priced at 6295 yuan and 5995 yuan # optical sensor (183196)

Amazfit officially released two smart watches GTR 4 and GTS 4 in Taiwan today. They have GPS technology with dual frequency polarized antennas, which can achieve accuracy similar to the accuracy of handheld GPS. Currently, dual frequency 5 satellite positioning is supported In the future, OTA will be used Upgradeable to 6-satellite positioning, suitable satellites […]