No monkeypox found 30 suspected cases – 22,816 worldwide

Department of Disease Control Informed laboratory test results of 30 patients who are suspected of monkey pox, 30 of them did not find any more infections. But coordinate to ask for cooperation to find more contacts. while around the world, 22,816 cumulatively infected people. Today (1 Aug. 2022), Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Director-General of the Department […]

Floods in Kentucky, US At least 16 additional deaths

Flooding in the US state of Kentucky The death toll has risen to at least 16 after heavy flooding in parts of the eastern part of the state. Thunderstorms over the past week Until the water overflows various rivers, accumulated rainfall of more than 30 cm, causing damage to roads and property of people in […]

Indonesia to test use of biodiesel blended with 40% palm oil | World Economic Summary 29 Jul 65

Indonesia has tested the use of biodiesel blended with 40% palm oil, reducing the import of fuel #Indonesian #biodiesel #palm oil #indonesia economy #fuel #Indonesian government #diesel oil #B40 #big palm oil producer #fuel #ikbanpot #iktnn16 #ikbanpottnn16 #Ikbanphot, abbreviation of the world economy #Economic World Summary #Ik Banphotthana Permsuk #Economic World Summary #Economic World #Economic […]

Angola finds 170-carat pink diamond, largest in 300 years

Angola to auction a 170-carat pink diamond in the international market and expected to get a record high price It claims that this pink diamond is the largest it has ever seen in 300 years. Australian Lucapa Diamond Ltd. Lucapa Diamond discovered this 170-carat pure pink diamond, known as the “Lulo Rose” or Lulo Rose, […]

“Chiang Mai” hosts football “Fifa Day” in September.

Today (27 July 2022) according to the Football Association of Thailand under royal patronage There is a plan to lead the Thai national team. to organize competitions in different provinces for the purpose of stimulating the economy tourism, society, pride in organizing activities that each province has organized In the past, the association has opened […]

Order to move-exam teachers “neck tag” P.1 Phetchabun Kindergarten School

The director of Phetchabun Kindergarten has ordered the transfer of Grade 1 teachers to write signs to hang students’ necks. Ordered to wear Thai clothes to school Announced the appointment of an investigative committee and moved to another teaching place from the case that the news appeared on social media Post a question? Did the […]